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Personalized Cancer Treatment Options Plan

Pillar 2: Personalized Research

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This cuts straight to the core of what precision oncology is all about. In order to get access to the right targeted therapies for your form of cancer, you need evidence to demonstrate that you need those drugs. CTOAM provides you and your oncologist with this evidence, in the form of a report, which we call your Personalized Cancer Treatment Options Plan (PCTOP).

  • Personalized Cancer Treatment Options Plan (PCTOP)
    Within 6 weeks of working with CTOAM, you and your oncologist will have a detailed written report, based on the findings from your genetic tests and imaging results. This personalized cancer research will show that the targeted treatments we recommend for you are scientifically known to be the most effective therapies for your form of cancer.

Your PCTOP identifies:

  • Personalized research data regarding the gene mutations that are driving your cancer
  • Whether it is advantageous for family members to be tested (if the data detects heritable mutations)
  • References for all data from the latest medical studies, scientific research, and peer-reviewed journals
  • The targeted therapies that will work best for you, including:
  • How you and your oncologist can access these therapies
  • Cancer Care Research and Advocacy Specialist

To enhance your PCTOP, you can also choose to get a personalized nutraceutical diet for a minimal extra fee.

Once you and your oncologist have your Personalized Cancer Treatment Options Plan, CTOAM’s care team will consult with you and your treatment team every step of the way. We will:

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How Precision Cancer Medicine Works

To understand the inherent value in this Personalized Cancer Treatment Options Plan, it helps to understand the many aspects involved in CTOAM’s precision oncology process.

Targeted cancer therapies are known to produce longer survival rates for many types of cancer – but in order to find out which targeted therapies are right for you, and access these innovative drugs, you need to get the correct tests and have them analyzed by a professional medical researcher. Because these technologies are so new, they aren’t yet offered by standard cancer treatment. Instead, cancer patients must currently seek out the services of private companies like CTOAM to benefit from these medical advancements.

Before our cancer specialists can produce your Personalized Cancer Treatment Options Plan, we need to gather some critical information about your cancer.

  1. CTOAM helps you to access the correct tests
    A contrast-enhanced PET/CT scan, liquid biopsy, and comprehensive genetic panel (and possibly an MMR/MSI test) will determine:
    • Where exactly your cancer is located in your body
    • The exact genetic mutations driving your cancer
  2. CTOAM creates your Personalized Cancer Treatment Options Plan
    Our medical researchers analyze the results of your tests to determine:
    • The targeted therapies that will benefit you the most
    • How to access those targeted therapies
  3. CTOAM helps you access these targeted treatment recommendations
    Using the scientific evidence provided in your PCTOP, our specialists will:
    • Advocate for you with pharmaceutical companies (to get the drugs you need)
    • Advocate for you with your insurance company (to get the cost covered)

In a nutshell, the Personalized Cancer Treatment Options Plan is at the core of CTOAM’s ability to determine and access the most beneficial cancer treatments for you: everything we do for you hinges around this all-important report. It provides you and your oncologist with the research evidence to know exactly what drugs you need, and how to get them.

If you or a loved one have received a diagnosis of cancer and want the most effective treatment for it, please contact our precision oncology specialists today.

Register for a Precision Second Opinion, to discuss your specific case and discover the next step to take. With cancer, time is of the essence.

Read our patient success stories to see how we’ve helped cancer patients live far longer, and with a higher quality of life, than they were told by standard care.

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