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CTOAM partners with renowned researchers, diagnostic labs, treatment providers, and oncologists all over the globe. Through our international partnerships, you gain access to the best services, literally, in the world.

These partnerships involve experts with unique specialties in different fields of medical science and cancer research. Like CTOAM’s cancer specialists, they are at the forefront of cutting-edge, evidence-based medicine. Together we work to advance the treatment of cancer, one patient at a time – and we are creating a strong and successful medical history each step of the way.

CTOAM’s International Partners in Precision Oncology

CTOAM works with many aspects of the medical system to bring the most advanced cancer research and treatment to the fore of both private and public spheres.

Our cancer research specialists work with a variety of medical professionals, clinics, schools, and more, to ensure you receive the best services possible. CTOAM’s partners include:

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Personalized Cancer Medicine Network

CTOAM’s established relationships with these cutting-edge professionals help our clients gain access to the treatments that will benefit them the most.

  • Pharmaceutical companies: You get immediate access to the drugs you need.
  • Often the drugs that will benefit you most are the latest FDA approved drugs – which aren’t yet offered through public healthcare.
  • CTOAM is able to get you these advanced drugs because our specialists know what, how, and whom to ask. And that’s our expertise.
  • Medical service companies: You get access to leading edge diagnostic tools, such as detailed genetic tests and contrast-enhanced PET/CT imaging.
  • These are often life-saving options.
  • These also give you access to innovative surgical tools that can remove cancer from places in the body that would otherwise be inoperable.
  • We help you access these options.
  • Oncologists: If CTOAM can demonstrate to your oncologist that a particular targeted therapy will benefit you more than their current options for standard therapy for your form of cancer, your oncologist will often be able to work with us to apply for compassionate access.
  • Compassionate access means that you’re able to access this treatment option that would otherwise be inaccessible to you through public healthcare.
  • CTOAM demonstrates that you need a particular targeted therapy through personalized genetic testing, analysis, and research data that we prepare on your behalf.

All of our treatment and diagnostic suggestions are backed by peer-reviewed, scientific evidence. So, when the CTOAM research team discovers that a test would be advantageous in your diagnosis or treatment monitoring, or we find a treatment that is showing better outcomes than those provided by standard cancer treatment in your region, we provide the data to back up those claims. Presented as a detailed report, this data is so solid that both public and private oncologists are happy to follow it.

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For more information or to learn how we can help you access the most advanced testing and treatment options, reach out today. Our care team is standing by to answer all of your questions, and ensure that you feel a greater sense of peace moving forward.

You can also register for a Precision Second Opinion to share more about your personal case and get a few initial suggestions for care.

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