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Cancer Success Stories

If you’d like to get more of a feeling for how precision oncology can help you, take a look at our patient success stories. Each one takes you through the full journey, from start to finish, of our work with cancer patients from all over the world. Contact us today to get your free consultation.

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If you’d like to read success stories about patients with a particular type of cancer, please explore the categories below.

Breast cancer
Lisa (age 54)
Verna (age 55)
Margaret (age 64)
Anna (age 68)

Anastasia (age 69)
Mark (age 53)
Julio (age 81)

Colon cancer
Damian (age 52)
Betty (age 65)
Tom (age 65)

Ovarian cancer
Samantha (age 54)
Lauren (age 54)

Skin cancer
David (age 66)

Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Kerryanne (age 77)

Lung cancer
Katherine (age 43)

David (age 66)

If you don’t see the type of cancer you’d like to read more about, email or call us – we’d be happy to talk with you more about it and provide you with more information (at no cost to you). No matter what type of cancer you have, we can help by ensuring you understand all of your options. If you like, we can also help you access tests and treatments that are guaranteed to improve your chances of recovery.

Book your free consultation today with Director of Scientific Research, Alex Rolland. You can also speak with our counselling team if you want emotional support during this difficult time.

Precision Oncology: Feel Better, Faster.

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