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Cancer Patient Success Stories with Precision Oncology

Read our patient success stories to see how we've helped cancer patients like you. Each story takes you through the patient’s full journey – so you can see, step by step, how the Four Pillars of Precision Oncology are used in each unique case. Below is just a small selection of the patients we've worked with over the years. In the time we've been doing this (for nearly a decade now), we've helped patients with almost every type of cancer. So if you don't see your cancer type below, and want to know our success rates for it, please contact us. Otherwise, take a look at some of our case studies below to better understand how we can help you.

You can also read interviews with our patients to hear their personal story and experience with Precision Oncology.

Breast Cancers
Lisa (age 54) – ER Positive
Verna (age 55) – ER Positive
Margaret (age 64) – ER Positive
Anna (age 68) – ER Positive

Gastric/Esophagus Cancers
Anastasia (age 69) – Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Mark (age 53) – Esophageal/gastric squamous cell carcinoma

Head and Neck Cancers
Julio (age 81) – Squamous cell parotid gland

Colon Cancers
Damian (age 52) – colon cancer
Betty (age 65) – colon cancer Tom (age 65) – colon cancer
Sven (age 34) – colorectal cancer

Ovarian Cancers
Samantha (age 54) – High-grade serous
Lauren (age 54) – Low-grade serous

Kerryanne (age 77) – Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Lung Cancers
Katherine (age 43) – Non-small cell lung cancer
Georgette (age 66) – Squamous cell carcinoma
Sherri (age 56) – Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Lilian – Stage IV Lung Cancer

Neuroendocrine Cancers
Korey (age 41) – Neuroendocrine carcinoma

Skin Cancers
David (age 66) – Melanoma
Bob (age 66) – Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)
Annette (age 45) – Melanoma

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