Targeted Cancer Treatment

Targeted Therapies for Cancer Treatment

How Does Targeted Therapy Work?

Research now shows that cancer is unique to each individual. Therefore, a successful cancer treatment plan must consider the unique set of mutations and variables that are driving your cancer. Based on the latest advancements in medical science, targeted cancer therapy is an innovative approach to chemotherapy that involves genome testing and targeted therapies:

  1. Diagnostic imaging: The interior of your body is imaged (enhanced-contrast PET/CT scan) to determine exactly where your cancer is and how fast it is proliferating.
  2. Genetic testing: Your blood plasma (liquid biopsy) or tumour tissue (genetic panel) is tested to identify the mutations in your DNA that are driving your cancer to grow.
  3. Targeted therapies: These mutations are then matched to chemotherapy drugs that are designed specifically for those mutations. This means that your treatment targets only those cells that have that specific mutation, leaving your happy, healthy cells to thrive.

Targeted cancer therapy can also refer to non-chemotherapy treatments, such as nutraceutical diets, other non-drug cancer treatment options, or other targeted drug therapies. When used in combination, these targeted therapies work synergistically to consistently create better treatment outcomes than standard cancer treatment.

  • Nutraceutical diets: When targeted therapy is applied to nutrition, it means that your diet will consist of supplements and foods that directly affect the cells that need them for treatment. Nutraceutical diets also help prevent cancer recurrence.

Once we know exactly which genes are driving your cancer, we can determine the most effective option(s) that will directly target those mutations.


Benefits of Targeted Cancer Therapies

Studies continue to show that targeted treatments improve outcomes and survival rates. For example, "in trials using precision medicine, tumour shrinkage rates were 30.6% compared with only 4.9% in those that did not." Yale Cancer Center’s chief of medical oncology, Dr. Roy Herbst, agrees that precision medicine is "about targeting treatment so that it’s more powerful, while reducing the toxicity, so there are fewer side-effects."

  1. Greater chance of success:
    Targeted therapies significantly increase your chance of having an optimal treatment outcome
    • This is because targeted therapies directly target the mutations in your unique form of cancer.
    • Therefore, targeted therapy only impacts the cancer cells in your body.
    • Your treatment doesn’t harm the healthy cells in your body.
    • Targeted therapy reduces the risk of cancer recurrence.
  2. Fewer and less severe side effects
    Targeted therapies significantly reduce the severity and frequency of side effects that you experience.
    • This is because standard chemotherapy attacks all the growth cells in your body (and why hair loss is common during standard chemotherapy).
    • You receive less of the drug overall than you would with standard chemotherapy.
    • Targeted therapy does not have a damaging impact on your body long-term, compared to standard treatment.
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How to Get Targeted Therapies

Targeted therapies can help you achieve a better treatment outcome with fewer and less severe side effects than standard treatment. Targeted therapies can benefit you if:

  • You’ve received a cancer diagnosis and haven’t yet started treatment.
  • You’re on standard cancer treatment and aren’t seeing results.
  • You’re on standard cancer treatment and having trouble with side effects.
  • You’ve been told that there are no more options for you.

If you, or someone you know, has received a diagnosis of cancer, or is currently on standard treatment, or has been told there are no more options left, please contact us today. Our precision oncology specialists will answer all of their questions, and help them access the most beneficial tests and treatments for their form of cancer.

Read our success stories from cancer patients who’d been told by standard care that they were out of options, only to try targeted therapy with great success.

You don’t have to suffer through unnecessary side effects or treatments that don’t work! Please take advantage of what medical science has to offer now – your health is worth it.

Give yourself the best chance of success through science!

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