Cancer Treatment Coverage

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Cancer Advocacy With Insurance Companies

Until precision oncology becomes integrated into mainstream cancer care, services must be paid up front, out of pocket, by clients. The good news? CTOAM is often able to get our clients’ cancer treatment covered through their insurance company, compassionate care, and even the public health care system.

If you have any questions about whether your insurance company will cover your precision oncology services, please contact our care team today. We will help you understand what your options are for your specific case. So far, we have always been able to help our clients find a way to pay for their precision oncology services and targeted treatment.

Read more about how CTOAM client, Lisa, was able to get the drugs she needed for her form of breast cancer, at no cost to her personally. She says: "I was really surprised to find that by going to a private oncologist I could get the drugs I actually need versus the drugs they [BCCA] could give me. Alex was able to help me get these drugs, so I’m not paying for them."

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How to Pay for Cancer Treatment

  • Get precision oncology services and tests covered:
    Depending on what kind of insurance plan you have, you might be able to get CTOAM’s research services covered, as well as diagnostics, such as genetic tests and scans.
    • Good insurance plan: Many insurance companies will now cover most, if not all, of the testing fees and research services, for those with executive packages and critical illness insurance.
    • Tax deduction: Significantly, sixty percent or more of the cost of CTOAM’s services can be used towards tax deductions. This reduces the final out-of-pocket cost for clients to a little more than one third of our actual cost, at worst – even without any health insurance.
  • Get targeted treatment(s) covered:
    Targeted therapies provide cancer patients with many benefits, including producing higher progression-free survival rates. They also have fewer and less severe side effects, and are much less invasive than standard treatment (like chemotherapy and radiation). Fortunately, CTOAM can often get the cost of these cutting-edge treatments covered for you.
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Why You Need a Cancer Advocate

It can be difficult to claim expenses from an insurance company; CTOAM’s advocacy services give you a serious advantage. We provide you with the personalized research and data necessary for your oncologist to vouch for you, which makes it much more likely that your insurance company will cover your costs. Our care team will help you prepare everything that you need, and support you through the process.

As more doctors gain an understanding of targeted therapies, the costs to patients will be covered even more readily. Until then, CTOAM is here to ensure you gain access to the cancer treatment you need – for as little cost, and as close to home, as possible.

Register for a Precision Second Opinion, to discover how we can help you get the most advanced genetic tests and targeted therapies that medical science has to offer, now. Feel better, faster, with precision oncology.

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