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Alex Roland - Director of scientific research

Alex Rolland, BSc (Honours with distinction) Molecular/Cell Biology
Co-founder and Chief Research Director

Chief Research Director
Alex Rolland, Co-founder and CEO

Precision Oncology expert Alex Rolland is the CEO and co-founder of Cancer Treatment Options and Management. As Chief Research Director, Alex conducts personalized research, facilitates tests, consults on treatment options, monitors treatment plans, and advocates directly for his clients. Alex is passionate about ensuring that anyone who receives a cancer diagnosis has access to the most effective, and least invasive, form of treatment possible.

Alex holds a BSc in Molecular/Cell Biology from the University of Victoria, and studied Medical Genetics at the renowned Terry Fox Laboratory in Vancouver (BC Cancer Agency). He’s used his expertise to consult oncologists at the Mayo Clinic and other leading cancer treatment centers.

With over a decade of experience researching, consulting, and advocating for cancer patients, Alex also works directly with the medical system to explore the newest optimal treatments for his clients. He’s an expert in discovering how to optimize your cancer treatment, and making this a reality for you.

Discover more about Alex, including his educational background and professional experience in the field of cancer research.

You’ll also learn what inspired him to leave the lab, as well as his coveted teaching role, and to dedicate his life to helping cancer patients gain rapid access to the most effective treatments for their cancer. Alex is committed to changing the face of cancer care in Canada and throughout the world. His goal is to ensure that the CTOAM approach to cancer care becomes the standard of care, everywhere.

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Noushin Moshgabadi

Cancer Research Specialist
Noushin Moshgabadi

Research scientist Noushin Moshgabadi loves helping connect people with better healthcare and cancer treatment through her work in medical science.

Originally from Iran, Noushin has been living in British Columbia, Canada, for more than 15 years where she has studied and worked in scientific research for more than a decade. She obtained her Bachelors of Science in Cell & Molecular Biology from Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University (SFU); and her Masters of Science in Genetics, as well as her secondary Masters of Science, from the University of British Columbia’s Medical Genetics department (UBC).

Noushin has worked as a research scientist at Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), UBC hospitals, the Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC), and several Genetics and Molecular Biology laboratories at both Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia.

In addition to her passion for genetics, molecular biology, and scientific research, Noushin enjoys exploring Vancouver’s beautiful natural landscape and hanging out with friends and family. She loves outdoor activities and can often be found doing different outdoor sports, like skiing, hiking, biking, sailing, and jogging.

Noushin is excited to be a part of the CTOAM team and working with cutting-edge experts who are leading the way in cancer care. Her life goal is to help people through medical science – and she feels that CTOAM provides her with an opportunity to make this dream come true.

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Dr. Saima Paracha, MD
Bioinformatics Specialist

Bioinformatics Specialist
Dr. Saima Paracha, MD

Saima is a graduate of the Medical Sciences program from Dow University of Health Sciences in Pakistan. She has completed a post graduate diploma program in Public Health Data Analysis from University of Victoria and has worked as a Physician Assistant and Research Assistant in different specialties for several years.

Saima has seen many people in her life affected by cancer and is dedicated to helping others with cancer get the right treatment. She knows how effective Precision Cancer Medicine is – that it offers a way to help eliminate cancer faster and with reduced side-effects, which is why she is passionate about her work with CTOAM.

She is inspired by new medical technologies and advancements in medicine. Ultimately Saima is motivated to help lessen other people’s suffering wherever possible. In her spare time, Saima likes to cook, bake, and watch medical dramas on television.

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Dr. Aditya Bansal, MD
Bioinformatics Specialist

Bioinformatics Specialist
Dr. Aditya Bansal, MD

Dr. Aditya Bansal graduated in Medicine from Odessa State Medical University (Ukraine). After completing her degree, she worked as a General Practitioner in India for over a decade.

In search of greater opportunities, she then immigrated to Canada, where she worked as a Physician Assistant in a respected Obstetrics and Gynaecology clinic. She also pursued further medical studies abroad in clinical attachment at the University of Leicester, Glenfield Hospital, in the United Kingdom.

During her work in her GP practice, Dr. Bansal encountered many patients suffering from cancer who were treated with standard treatments. But, as many forward-thinking doctors now knows, all cancers are not the same and, as such, they cannot be treated with a one-size-fits-all standard care approach. For many years Dr. Bansal wished that she could help patients with cancer in a deeper way – to help them truly reduce their suffering and help to increase not just their survival but overall quality of life.

By joining Cancer Treatment Options and Management, Dr. Bansal is proud to now be working directly with Precision Cancer Medicine. She is very excited to be a part of the CTOAM team and to help make a direct difference in the lives of cancer patients and their loved ones.

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