Partner Highlight: CureMatch

How we optimize patient success with CureMatch's leading-edge bioinformatics

CTOAM Partner Highlight: CureMatch

What is CureMatch?

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CureMatch is a California-based company that provides data-driven bioinformatics to oncologists and their patients, focusing on Precision Cancer Medicine and combination therapies. Their online “Decision Support System” helps oncologists to select treatments for their patients based on the patient’s unique molecular tumor profile.

CureMatch uses the raw data from your existing genetic testing report (such as Oncomine, CDX, Caris, Guardant, etc.) to explore all possible treatments and combination therapies on a deeper level than standard genetic testing services would.

CureMatch co-founder, Dr. Razelle Kurzrock (MD), is widely regarded as one of the 25 most influential people – in the world! – in the field of Precision Medicine.

How CTOAM works with CureMatch

Cancer Treatment Options and Management (CTOAM) and CureMatch share the same mission in helping patients and doctors to integrate Precision Cancer Medicine into a patient’s treatment plan as easily, quickly, and accurately as possible. Our CTOAM team may recommend that a client add a CureMatch report to their Oncogenomics Program to get the most thorough analysis of all their treatment options.

Watch our Video Interview

Interview with CureMatch co-founder, Dr. Razelle Kurzrock, and CTOAM co-founder, Michelle Morand

CTOAM co-founder and Precision Cancer Medicine Advocate, Michelle Morand, speaks with CureMatch co-founder, Dr. Razelle Kurzrock, about Precision Cancer Medicine. They discuss how CureMatch helps to match the molecular features of a patient’s cancer with the right targeted treatment and why this new approach is critical to treating cancer successfully.

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