Most Accurate Tests

For Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

Best Tests for Cancer Detection

Breakthroughs in cancer treatments have led to an approach called precision oncology – also known as precision medicine, oncogenomics, personalized cancer treatment, and personalized cancer medicine. (It is so new that an umbrella term has not yet been uniformly agreed upon.) Whatever the term, this new approach uses innovative tests and treatment protocols that produce improved results with fewer and less severe side effects.

Generally speaking, the precision oncology diagnostic process includes 2 angles:

These two diagnostic approaches work together to give precision oncologists the data they need to determine the best targeted therapy for your unique form of cancer.

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Genetic Testing for Targeted Therapy

The genetic testing and diagnostic imaging methods listed above provide all the information needed to create an optimal targeted therapy treatment plan for you:

  • All the mutations driving your cancer (or supporting it to proliferate)
  • How these mutations interact with one another
  • Where exactly your cancer is located
  • How fast your cancer is progressing

Targeted therapy treatment offers cancer patients more options beyond standard cancer care: they are specifically designed to target only cancerous cells with a particular mutation. They disrupt specific steps or processes that are unique to the cancer cells in your tumour. Because targeted therapies kill only cancerous cells – and leave your healthy cells to flourish – they offer many benefits compared to standard treatment:

  • Targeted therapy benefits:
    • Produces fewer and less severe side effects than standard cancer treatment
    • Is less invasive than standard cancer treatment
    • Is more effective at eradicating your unique cancer cells than standard treatment
    • Ensures that your unique cancer cells are being targeted (unlike one-size-fits-all chemotherapy)

While new drugs are being developed every day that can treat your cancer effectively, many have not yet become fully integrated into standard care. Therefore, the only way to access these beneficial tests and treatments is to reach out to a private precision oncology company such as CTOAM. In future, these advanced tests and targeted therapies will become integrated into the mainstream; however, that might likely be too late for cancer patients who need these tests and treatments now.

How to Get Better Tests for Cancer

Getting access to genetic tests, PET/CT scans, and targeted treatments can be near impossible without a professional service like CTOAM. And we know from first-hand experience that arranging these appointments can be time consuming and stressful. That’s why we take care of it all for you.

  • Our cancer specialists consult you about which tests you need to get (and when)
  • CTOAM’s care team will arrange the tests for you
  • You can ask us as many questions as you want, anytime
  • Our care team will follow-up to make sure everything went well

It is absolutely worth getting a PET/CT scan if you think you might have cancer, have received a cancer diagnosis, or are currently undergoing treatment. Likewise, it is necessary to get genetic testing if you would like to explore targeted therapy as a treatment option, or if current standard treatment has left you with no options.

If you or a loved one would like to learn more, or gain access to these life-saving tests and treatment, reach out today to speak with CTOAM’s precision oncology specialists.

Thousands of cancer patients around the world have chosen precision oncology – are you ready to join them?

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