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The CTOAM Science Team is a group of dedicated cancer researchers and educators with diverse backgrounds in cell biology, biochemistry, immunology, oncology and clinical cancer, among others. Our precision oncology specialists are highly skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate people dedicated to ensuring you receive the best cancer care available in the world – including personalized research, advanced diagnostics and treatments, treatment monitoring and support, advocacy, education, and emotional support.

  • The field of cancer research is constantly evolving: CTOAM stays on top of the latest innovations in diagnosis, treatment, and cancer prevention to ensure that our clients have access to the most advanced tests and treatments that medical science has to offer.
  • CTOAM networks with international precision oncology experts: In addition to conducting our own ongoing research, our team also consults directly with international research and treatment specialists and facilities that are currently producing the best treatment results for your specific form of cancer.

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CTOAM’s Precision Oncology Specialists

Research Director

Alex Roland - Director of scientific research

Alex Rolland, BSc (Honours with distinction) Molecular/Cell Biology
Co-Founder and Director of Scientific Research

Alex Rolland is the CEO and co-founder of Cancer Treatment Options and Management. As Director of Scientific Research, Alex conducts personalized research, facilitates tests, consults on treatment options, monitors treatment plans, and advocates directly for his clients. Discover more about Alex’s academic background and professional experience in the field of cancer research.

You’ll also learn what inspired him to leave the lab, as well as his coveted teaching role, and dedicate his career to helping cancer patients gain rapid access to the most effective treatments for their cancer. Alex is committed to changing the face of cancer care in Canada and throughout the world. His goal is to ensure that the CTOAM approach to cancer care becomes the standard of care, everywhere. Read more about Alex.

Business Development

Michelle's head shot

Michelle Morand, MA, RCC
Co-Founder; Business Development and Client Care Coordinator

As CTOAM co-founder, Michelle Morand is passionate about providing the highest quality of care to clients and their families. With a professional background in clinical counselling and business development, she’s now striving to make personalized genetic research available to everyone who receives a cancer diagnosis. Michelle’s goal for all CTOAM patients is to ensure that they receive the best possible cancer care as close to home – for as close to free – as possible. Read more about Michelle.

Cancer Research Specialist

Cancer Research Specialist's bio image

Noushin Moshgabadi

Research scientist Noushin Moshgabadi loves helping connect people with better healthcare and cancer treatment through her work in medical science. Noushin has worked as a research scientist at Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), UBC hospitals, the Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC), and several Genetics and Molecular Biology laboratories at both Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia.

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Clinic Manager

Linsey's head shot

Lindsey Toane

Lindsey has dedicated her two-decade medical career to ensuring patients and their family members receive the very best medical care possible. She believes every patient should be treated as if they were one’s own family member.

In her previous role as clinic manager for a variety of different clinics, Lindsey’s work has been primarily focused on patient care and on creating structural protocols. Her underlying goal is for patients and their families to be well-informed and feel comfortable and confident when speaking with healthcare practitioners and medical professionals. She has helped several doctors open first-time practices, including setting up EMR systems and hiring and training medical staff.

The most rewarding part of her job now is watching patients and clients develop confidence in CTOAM’s team: being able to gain the trust of patients and their families is deeply meaningful for Lindsey. As a highly empathetic person, she strives to do whatever she can to make her clients’ lives a bit easier and their journey with cancer less stressful.

Lindsey was born and raised in Alberta and relishes spending all of her free time with her lovely ten-year-old daughter.

Bioinformatics Specialist

Saima's bio image

Saima Paracha

Saima is a graduate of the Medical Sciences program from Dow University of Health Sciences in Pakistan. She has completed a post graduate diploma program in Public Health Data Analysis from University of Victoria and has worked as a Physician Assistant and Research Assistant in different specialties for several years.

Saima has seen many people in her life affected by cancer and is dedicated to helping others with cancer get the right treatment. She knows how effective Precision Cancer Medicine is – that it offers a way to help eliminate cancer faster and with reduced side-effects, which is why she is passionate about her work with CTOAM.

She is inspired by new medical technologies and advancements in medicine. Ultimately Saima is motivated to help lessen other people’s suffering wherever possible. In her spare time, Saima likes to cook, bake, and watch medical dramas on television.

Executive Assistant

Karli's bio image

Karli Gibson

Karli works closely with our co-founder Michelle Morand as her executive assistant. She has vast administrative, project management and management experience from years of supervisor, management, and training roles. After growing up in British Columbia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, she moved to Victoria BC. Karli completed her Medical Office Assistant Certificate at Camosun College in 2013 and worked in the field for a year prior to exploring other avenues of interest.

She is now excited to be back in the medical field and to support CTOAM in its mission to help patients worldwide. Like so many others, Karli’s family has been deeply affected by cancer. She is deeply grateful and eager to help move CTOAM forward to help more people get access to better treatments.

In her personal time, Karli enjoys spending time out by the ocean and travelling to new places with her close friends and family. She also loves animals and has two sweet cats whom she adores.

Marketing & Media Director

Kimberly's bio image

Kimberly Lauren Bryant

Kimberly’s passion for writing and visual media lends itself well to her work at CTOAM: she’s thrilled to have the opportunity to create content that educates people about precision oncology – and hopefully inspires them to seek out these life-saving tests and treatments for themselves or loved ones. Read more about Kimberly.

IT, Information Security, & Websites

Eric's bio image

Eric Hughes

With over 20 years entrepreneurial experience, Eric has built up a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of small to large business internet development. This knowledge and experience ranges from financing, marketing, particularly internet marketing, and web programming, to supply- line management.

Eric has a broad range of highly technical and skilled experience with computers. Eric is capable of everything from constructing a PC from parts to installing any and all software and peripherals. Eric has built and configured networks in small and large settings, constructed large online systems for business management and built one page websites.

In his spare time, Eric plays the saxophone in and around Victoria and Vancouver BC.

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