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The CTOAM Science Team is a group of dedicated cancer researchers and educators with diverse backgrounds in cell biology, biochemistry, immunology, oncology and clinical cancer, among others. Our precision oncology specialists are highly skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate people dedicated to ensuring you receive the best cancer care available in the world – including personalized research, advanced diagnostics and treatments, treatment monitoring and support, advocacy, education, and emotional support.

  • The field of cancer research is constantly evolving: CTOAM stays on top of the latest innovations in diagnosis, treatment, and cancer prevention to ensure that our clients have access to the most advanced tests and treatments that medical science has to offer.
  • CTOAM networks with international precision oncology experts: In addition to conducting our own ongoing research, our team also consults directly with international research and treatment specialists and facilities that are currently producing the best treatment results for your specific form of cancer.

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CTOAM’s Precision Oncology Specialists

Research Director

Alex Roland - Director of scientific research

Alex Rolland, BSc (Honours with distinction) Molecular/Cell Biology
Co-Founder and Director of Scientific Research

Alex Rolland is the CEO and co-founder of Cancer Treatment Options and Management. As Director of Scientific Research, Alex conducts personalized research, facilitates tests, consults on treatment options, monitors treatment plans, and advocates directly for his clients. Discover more about Alex’s academic background and professional experience in the field of cancer research.

You’ll also learn what inspired him to leave the lab, as well as his coveted teaching role, and dedicate his career to helping cancer patients gain rapid access to the most effective treatments for their cancer. Alex is committed to changing the face of cancer care in Canada and throughout the world. His goal is to ensure that the CTOAM approach to cancer care becomes the standard of care, everywhere. Read more about Alex.

Business Development

Michelle's head shot

Michelle Morand, MA, RCC
Co-Founder; Business Development and Client Care Coordinator

As CTOAM co-founder, Michelle Morand is passionate about providing the highest quality of care to clients and their families. With a professional background in clinical counselling and business development, she’s now striving to make personalized genetic research available to everyone who receives a cancer diagnosis. Michelle’s goal for all CTOAM patients is to ensure that they receive the best possible cancer care as close to home – for as close to free – as possible. Read more about Michelle.

Communications Coordinator

Communications Coordinator's bio image

Nadine Collison
MES Communications Coordinator

Nadine spearheads CTOAM’s community engagement and marketing to ensure our services are accessible to as many people as possible. Her skills in community outreach, nonprofit organizations PR/marketing, and research are instrumental to facilitating CTOAM’s present purpose and future growth. Through Nadine’s efforts, CTOAM continues to help more and more people, and educate those wanting to learn more about the best cancer treatment options.

Please contact us for more information about our services. Read more about our Communications Coordinator.

Client Care

Gail's bio image

Gail Ziegelmeier,
Client Care and Administration Manager

Gail Ziegelmeier has spent over two decades working in the biotechnology industry. Originally hailing from South Africa, she enjoys using her significant laboratory experience in her role at CTOAM where she coordinates and facilitates multiple areas of client care. Read more about Gail. Read more about Gail.

Marketing & Media

Kimberly's bio image

Kimberly Lauren Bryant, BA
Marketing and Media Director

Kimberly’s passion for writing and visual media lends itself well to her work at CTOAM: she’s thrilled to have the opportunity to create content that educates people about precision oncology – and hopefully inspires them to seek out these life-saving tests and treatments for themselves or loved ones. Read more about Kimberly.

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