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CTOAM has been helping people recover from cancer for nearly a decade. During that time we’ve found scientifically proven, life-saving tests and treatments for each one of our clients that would’ve been otherwise inaccessible through the standard health care system.

Until these life-saving options become standard in mainstream cancer care, CTOAM is here to make sure you have access to them. You can be located anywhere in the world – we regularly work with clients based in Europe, America, and Asia, as well as Canada.

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CTOAM’s Six-Step Process for Precision Oncology

CTOAM’s six-step process maximizes your chance at a successful cancer treatment outcome. These steps make up the complete precision oncology package, from creating to executing your personal cancer treatment plan.

With each step, CTOAM’s Cancer Care Research and Advocacy Specialists provide you with the best options that medical science has to offer, advocate for you with your doctor, insurance company, and pharmaceutical companies, and ensure you get the most out of the newest technology in all areas of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Enhanced Imaging Techniques
    CTOAM facilitates access for you to get a PET/CT scan. PET/CT machines are currently the most advanced diagnostic imaging tool that medical science has to offer. A PET/CT scan allows us to see a clear, concise image of exactly where the cancer is in your body and its aggressiveness, beyond any doubt. Accessing PET/CT scans is extremely difficult in Canada, without a service like CTOAM, and far more costly in the US.
  2. Targeted Cancer Therapy Tests
    CTOAM facilitates access for you to get detailed genetic tests of your tumour biopsy tissue. This involves a detailed genetic tumour analysis that identifies the genes that are mutated and triggering the growth of cancer in your body. CTOAM helps you access these innovative tests, including liquid biopsies (also known as ctDNA or cfDNA) and genetic panel tests. These provide immediate targeted diagnoses, and also allow our specialists to monitor your treatment progress with a simple, non-invasive blood test.
  3. Personalized Genetic Research
    CTOAM’s precision oncology specialists conduct detailed personalized research on the results of the genetic testing and imaging. This involves in-depth research into each of your mutations and their interactions: exploring what is known about these mutations, and identifying the best treatments that are currently available for those mutations, individually, as well as for the interplay between them.
  4. Targeted Cancer Therapy Identification
    CTOAM designs a targeted cancer therapy treatment plan just for you, based on both your imaging results and genetic test results. And we consult with you and your treatment team, as needed, to support you all the way through: this includes advocating for you, helping you access targeted therapy treatment, accessing clinical trials if needed, monitoring your treatment, and monitoring prevention of recurrence. In addition to these advanced imaging, tests, and targeted treatments, your personalized cancer treatment options plan (PCTOP) may also include:
    • Innovative surgical, radiation and chemotherapy techniques
    • Targeted cancer therapy treatments
    • To enhance your PCTOP, you can also choose to get a personalized nutraceutical diet for a minimal extra fee.
  5. Treatment Monitoring and Support
    CTOAM will continue to monitor your progress in detail for months, if not years, after you begin your treatment plan. This often includes follow-up tests and regular communication with both you and your oncologist. During this time our Cancer Care Research and Advocacy Specialists will correct the course of treatment, if needed, ensure that you’re following a nutrition and lifestyle plan that will optimize your treatment outcome, and provide counselling to you and/or your family, if desired. We will also notify you of any new targeted therapies that emerge that are suited to your form of cancer.
  6. Advocacy and Education
    CTOAM will advocate for your treatment plan with your oncologist directly. With your permission, our precision oncology specialists will keep your oncologist informed of all the data we’ve gathered and explain how it can benefit your treatment plan. Our precision oncology specialists will also advocate for you with your insurance company, as well as pharmaceutical companies, to ensure you gain access to the best targeted therapies for your form of cancer.
PET Scan

Personal Assistant for Cancer Care

Throughout this entire process, CTOAM will be like your extended family from the moment you contract us. Even after you have entered recovery, our specialists will keep you updated with new research, therapies, or technologies related to your recovery and keeping you cancer-free. Throughout the entire process (usually lasting between 6 months to 2 years), we stay in constant touch to answer all of your ongoing questions and concerns, and make sure you understand exactly what is happening with your cancer treatment. This is the personal touch that you will not find with other precision oncology companies.

Creating and Executing Your Personalized Cancer Treatment Plan

CTOAM’s six-step precision oncology package offers you the best treatment available worldwide. On average, CTOAM works with clients from anywhere between 6 months and 2 years: our Cancer Care Research and Advocacy Specialists make sure you’re fully supported for the duration of your treatment and onward through recovery.

It may take decades before these life-saving tests and treatments become integrated into mainstream health care. CTOAM is able to offer you access to these life-saving tests and treatments now. If you’ve received a diagnosis of cancer, time is of the essence: speed and precision are often the difference between life and death.

Just imagine – within two weeks of becoming a CTOAM client, you will be moving forward with a targeted cancer therapy and feeling confident that you are doing the very best to beat cancer. This is the fastest path to getting back to enjoying life to the fullest.

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