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How We Help YOU to Beat Cancer

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming. There are many questions that need answers:

  • How bad is it?
  • What is the next step?
  • What are the treatment options?
  • What are potential side effects?
  • Who is paying for tests and treatments?

You want someone who knows what to do, someone who can reliably guide you through this process. This is what CTOAM is all about, from start to finish.

Our job is to ensure that we know everything about your cancer. We find out exactly where it is and what mutations are driving it. CTOAM’s specialists will communicate with your oncologist and work together to get you access to therapies that will target your specific mutations.

  • Best Cancer Treatment Worldwide
  • Cancer Care Research and Advocacy Specialist
    • Best cancer screening tests and treatments:
    • Our precision oncology specialists get you access to PET/CT scans to find out exactly where your cancer is, as well as targeted therapy treatments that will work for your unique form of cancer.
    • Fastest cancer treatment:
    • Within 10 days you can begin a targeted treatment based on your personal genetics, and within six weeks CTOAM’s precision oncology specialists will have gathered crucial data about your form of cancer, and will have prepared a Cancer Treatment Options Plan to move forward with.
    • Access the best cancer treatment from home:
    • You don’t need to travel for genetic sequencing tests and targeted treatments because CTOAM brings them to you – you can access our precision oncology services from wherever you are based.
  • Affordable Cancer Treatment
    • Cheaper cancer treatment in Canada:
    • Because we are a Canadian company, CTOAM is able to offer access to the most affordable precision oncology services around: we charge significantly less than American cancer treatment centers, such as the Mayo clinic, for similar services.
    • Get cancer treatment covered by insurance:
    • Whenever possible, CTOAM helps you get expensive tests and treatments covered by your insurance by proving you NEED them.
    • Access unaffordable treatments:
    • If/when no coverage or clinical trial is available, CTOAM will help you acquire compassionate access to drugs and treatments through our network of pharmaceutical companies.
  • Optimized Cancer Treatment
    • Help with managing cancer care:
    • Our precision oncology specialists give you personal attention, and are available for you 24/7. We handle everything, from liaising with your oncologist, labs, and hospitals; to arranging your appointments; to checking in with you regularly. Anytime you have a question, you can expect a response from us within 24 hours.
    • Get into cancer clinical trials faster:
    • CTOAM clients are more likely to be accepted to clinical trials than other cancer patients because of our strong reputation within the field of precision oncology.
    • Nutrition plans for cancer patients:
    • In addition to targeted therapies, our cancer specialists will consult with you about improving your diet and self-care to optimize your treatment outcome.
  • Emotional Support for Cancer Care
    • Support for cancer patients:
    • CTOAM offers counselling and supportive resources for clients to ensure that their mental and emotional wellbeing optimizes their treatment outcome.
    • Support for cancer caregivers:
    • We offer counselling and supportive resources for clients’ family and friends to help everyone cope with the cancer treatment process, as best as possible.

From start to finish, CTOAM guides you through your cancer treatment. From the process of getting tests sorted out and accessing the best treatments for you, to monitoring ongoing treatments – everything is done by CTOAM, so you can focus on resting and recuperating.

Please email or call us today to learn more about how CTOAM can help you or your loved one. Our compassionate team is ready to assist you! Don’t wait another day to start exploring better options for your health.


Join our FREE training for cancer patients and loved ones...

"New Cancer Treatments and How to Get Them"

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