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Gaining a better understanding of advancements in cancer treatment will help empower the choices you make in your own treatment plan.

The following articles offer the latest information on cutting-edge diagnostics, imaging, treatment, and nutrition, as well as insight from Director of Scientific Research, Alex Rolland, regarding how these tools can optimize your treatment outcome.

  • Understanding Cancer: Getting to know the basic processes involved in the development and progression of cancer is key to understanding your options for testing and treatment. Find out how cancer develops, and the benefits precision oncology offers over standard treatments (such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation).

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  • Chemotherapy: These days it’s possible to optimize chemotherapy by using variations in common procedures, or using new drug combinations. These approaches often result in better treatment outcomes and fewer and less severe side effects.

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  • Clinical Trials: Most of the cancer treatment options offered in current clinical trials provide significant improvements in survival rates compared to standard treatments. Yet many cancer patients are not aware that clinical trials are a viable option for them. Explore the pros, cons, and myths of leading-edge clinical trials in cancer treatment.

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  • Cancer Fighting Diets: Diet and nutrition can greatly impact your chances of a successful treatment outcome. This is because nutraceuticals are based on controlling the personalized genetic mechanisms that led to the development of your cancer in the first place. Since your particular combination of genetics and cancer mutations are unique, so too are the types of nutrients and supplements (and combinations thereof) that will benefit your treatment.

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