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Going through cancer is a big learning process that requires a lot of support on all levels – emotionally, physically, and psychologically. You’ll likely have a lot of questions and concerns throughout; it’s natural to feel overwhelmed.

That’s why it’s so important to have easy access to quality information and compassionate answers on a regular basis. The alternative means living with unnecessary stress, anxiety, and fear, as well as an inability to make the best choices regarding tests and treatments.

  • Problems with standard cancer care
    Many cancer patients do not receive the attention, care, and information they need to feel reassured and aware of the most effective treatment options for their form of cancer, due to time and budget constraints. Unfortunately, this is what happens all too often in standard cancer care.
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Support for Cancer Patients

Whether you have a large or small support network, every patient needs access to reliable information and emotional support on an ongoing basis. Additionally, they need someone to take care of ongoing administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, managing medication, and ensuring that your treatment team is kept on the same page. Any caregiver will tell you that managing cancer care can be akin to a full-time job – and, chances are, you probably need more support in this area than standard cancer care is able to provide.

Benefits of Personalized Cancer Care

Something that makes CTOAM really stand out from other precision oncology services is the one-to-one attention that our cancer care team gives to each client.

We act as your personal assistant for cancer treatment.

Our precision oncology specialists will guide you through the entire process of getting tests sorted out, accessing the best treatments for you, and monitoring your treatment along the way. You can always reach out to us any time with questions, concerns, or new information, and we will be there for you.

Everything is done for you, so you can focus on resting and recuperating.

Trust CTOAM to:

Help for Cancer Patients and Their Families

For nearly a decade, CTOAM has been helping people extend and improve their quality of life and recover from cancer through our specialized precision oncology services. Read some of our past clients’ success stories and testimonials to see how precision oncology saves lives.

Within the time it takes you to get an appointment with your oncologist, CTOAM will ensure you know the most beneficial treatment options for your form of cancer, have immediate answers to all your questions, have started a targeted therapy regime, and feel truly supported during the process. As a client, you will be under the care of a professional team that works extremely fast, stays in constant contact with you, and offers support in all areas of your cancer care.

To get more information about how CTOAM can help you access the best treatments available for your cancer, please email or call us today.

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