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As precision oncology experts, we will advocate on your behalf so that you get access to the tests and treatments you need – for as close to free, and as close to home, as possible.

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What is Cancer Patient Advocacy?

Anyone who’s been to the doctor before knows how helpful it can be to have someone by your side for support. This person can take notes, remember important questions to ask, and ensure that you get the medical care you need. In addition, they can help to find out which doctor you should see and make an appointment. And this is for when you’re dealing with standard health care – for which there is already an abundance of information available.

Now imagine seeking health care services, such as precision oncology, that function outside of standard health care. While precision oncology acts as a support to standard health care, it does not yet benefit from the infrastructure. Without professional support from precision oncology specialists working within the industry, it’s nearly impossible to access these advanced tests and treatments. That’s why cancer patients reach out to companies like CTOAM, the Mayo Clinic, and MD Anderson to access this leading edge approach.

And keep in mind that we charge substantially less for precision oncology services than these US-based centers. This includes services such as a medical records check, personalized cancer research, access to tests and treatments, and advocacy services.

This is where cancer patient advocacy comes in. To get professional support for all of your cancer care needs, please contact CTOAM today to speak with a member of our care team.

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Cancer Education and Outreach

Educating the Public on Precision Oncology

The majority of people, including most cancer patients, have not yet heard of precision oncology. While it’s becoming more standardized in Europe and in leading cancer treatment centers in the US, precision medicine is still quite new in Canada. In fact, many doctors and oncologists remain unaware of its significance in the development of cancer treatment.

For these reasons, we strive to educate doctors, cancer patients, and communities about precision oncology. The faster it becomes adopted into standard cancer care, the more lives will be saved.

Please read more about how we educate others about this lifesaving approach to cancer treatment:

In order for precision oncology to become integrated into standard cancer care, we need to educate as many people as possible on its life-saving capabilities. We also need cancer patients to start demanding access to genetic testing and targeted therapies – diagnostics and treatments that can save their lives – with fewer and less severe side effects than standard treatment. You can be a part of this change, today.

To access these services, email or call us now to find out more about how advocacy and education can help you. Register for a Precision Second Opinion, and discover how we can help you access the best tests and treatments for your form of cancer.

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