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New Cancer Treatment Technology

CTOAM: Your Partner in Personalized Cancer Care

We help medical professionals provide their cancer patients with immediate access to the most advanced diagnostics and evidence-based treatments that medical science has to offer. Our precision oncology experts take care of everything, so your valuable time can be used most efficiently. CTOAM works with medical professionals based all over the world: no matter where you live, we can help you.

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Why Work with CTOAM?

Personalized Medicine Cancer Treatment

By working with CTOAM, you’ll be able to get your patients access to targeted therapies that are shown to produce higher survival rates than standard treatment for their unique form of cancer – for as quickly, cheaply, and close to home as possible.

  • Improve Patient Outcomes
    Our precision oncology experts and care team help you to provide your patients with immediate access to the newest targeted therapies.
    • These evidence-based treatments are shown (through the latest research) to provide higher survival rates and longer, progression-free survival.
    • These treatments are shown to be less invasive with fewer and less severe side effects than standard cancer treatment.
    • Our treatment recommendations are based on the data we gather on the gene mutations and lifestyle factors that are driving your patient’s cancer.
  • Save Time
    As a medical professional, your time is incredibly valuable. That’s why we facilitate everything for you, so you can focus on treating patients.
    • We coordinate all tests for your patient and keep you updated every step of the way.
    • Within a few weeks, you’ll receive diagnostic data identifying the drivers of your patient’s cancer, as well as targeted treatment recommendations.
    • If you decide to go ahead with one of our recommendations, our care team will immediately begin to coordinate access to the treatment for your patient, i.e., if the treatment is not currently accessible through the public medical system or standard health care.
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Get Started with CTOAM

Explore Our Services for Medical Professionals

As precision oncology experts, we help medical professionals by recommending and facilitating access to leading edge diagnostic tools and targeted treatments for cancer. Explore the links below to learn how these services can benefit you.

  • Diagnostics
    • PET/CT Scan
    • DNA Sequencing
    • ctDNA
    • Mismatch Repair (MMR) and Microsatellite Instability (MSI)
    • Liquid Biopsy
    • Clinical Applications
  • Treatment
    • Clinical Trial Access
    • Targeted Therapies
    • Surgical Treatment
  • Consultation
    • Direct consultation with CTOAM’s with member of our Medical Services Team
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Contact Us, For More Information

All of the recommendations we give you are based on the latest research regarding the mutations and lifestyle factors driving your patient’s cancer. Speak with our research scientists about how CTOAM can help you stay on the cutting edge of cancer research and provide your cancer patients with superior care.

If you want to ensure that your cancer patients have access to treatments that will give them the best chance at success, email or call us today.

Precision Oncology: The Future of Cancer Treatment, Now.

Make sure your cancer patients have access to the most advanced diagnostics and targeted cancer therapies. Speak with an oncogenomics expert today.

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Join our FREE training for cancer patients and loved ones...

"New Cancer Treatments and How to Get Them"

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