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Single Services from CTOAM

You can add these into your package, or arrange separately, anytime, as needed.

Additional Consultation and Support Services

  • Consultation with our Primary Research Team | Fee: $750.00 CAD per hour ($549.00 USD)
  • Registered Clinical Counsellor | Fee: $200.00 CAD per hour ($146.00 USD)
  • Clinical Trial Coordination and Advocacy | Fee: $500.00 CAD per hour ($366.00 USD)
  • Dietician | Fee: $250.00 CAD per hour ($183.00 USD)
  • Nutraceutical Diet and Targeted Exercise Program | $1,100.00 CAD ($804.00 USD)

Additional Testing Services

  • Private PET/CT Scan | Fee: $2,500.00 - 3,500.00 CAD ($1,828.00 - 2,559.00 USD) – Includes test coordination and consultation regarding results within 72 hours of scan.
  • RNA Liquid Biopsy Test (22,000 genes) for Target Identification | Fee: $2,500.00 CAD - $4,200.00 CAD ($1,828.00 USD - $3071.00 USD), for initial set-up and design of your personalized liquid biopsy test.
  • Individual Liquid Biopsy Tests for Ongoing Treatment Monitoring, after initial set-up | Fee: $1,250.00 CAD ($914.00 USD)
  • Comprehensive Inherited Cancer-Related Mutations Testing (127 genes) and Analysis | Fee: $2,200.00 CAD ($1,609.00 USD) – Includes delivery consultation.
  • Tumor DNA Testing (550 gene panel) | Fee: $5,500.00 CAD ($4,023.00 USD)

(Please add 5% GST to all fees.)

If you have questions about any of our services, please contact our care team anytime.

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