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Cancer Treatment Options and Management’s precision oncology services offer a way for cancer patients to access the most advanced tests and treatments that medical science has to offer. This means receiving a faster and more accurate diagnosis, the least-invasive treatment with fewer and less severe side effects, and better treatment outcomes than standard treatment.

And this all takes place usually within the time it takes for you to get an appointment with your oncologist. Within ten days to six weeks of contracting CTOAM, you will receive critical information about your form of cancer and start on the evidence-based, targeted treatment recommendations.

Your health and wellbeing are Cancer Treatment Options and Management’s number one concern – and our precision oncology specialists are on a mission to ensure you’re getting the best care that evidence-based medicine has to offer.

At Cancer Treatment Options and Management, you receive:

  • Testing:
    • Access to the best diagnostic tests that will determine where your cancer is and why it’s growing
    • Access to extremely fast diagnostic test results
    • Expert analysis of your test results to determine your best treatment options
    • Personalized cancer research for your unique form of cancer
  • Treatment:
    • Treatment options based on peer-reviewed research and evidence-based medicine, and demonstrated to be more successful than current, standard treatment
    • Access to the best possible, least invasive cancer treatments available in the world today
    • Valuable connections with leading oncologists, labs, and clinical trials
    • A professional care team to organize your treatment plan and connect with you regularly
  • Monitoring:
    • Trustworthy and experienced research professionals and industry experts
    • Ongoing access to the most advanced tests and expert analysis
    • Immediate course correction if your treatment needs adjusting
    • Scientific Research and Advocacy Team
    • 24/7 support from Scientific Research and Advocacy Teamm

Targeted cancer therapies proven to produce higher survival rates, with fewer and less severe side effects compared to standard treatment. Contact us now to discover the best treatment options for your unique form of cancer.

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CTOAM’s Cancer Care Services at a Glance

This is a stressful, confusing time, and we want to make sure you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are doing everything you can to improve both short and long-term outcomes.

  • Testing: Recommendations and access to liquid biopsy tests and DNA sequencing to learn what’s driving your cancer.
  • Imaging: Recommendations and access to state-of-the-art diagnostics to learn where exactly your cancer is located.
  • Research: Discover the many variables that may be driving your particular form of cancer, and how they impact and influence your treatment.
  • Treatment monitoring and support: Ongoing communication with you, your treatment team, and testing labs to ensure your treatment is working (and course-correcting when needed).
  • Facilitating access to clinical trials: Connecting you with the closest and most cost-effective clinical trials that will help you access the latest, most advanced treatment that will benefit your form of cancer.
  • Nutrition: Creating a personalized nutrition plan based on science-based nutraceuticals (separate fee).
  • Advocacy and education: Educational outreach with your friends and family, as well as with doctors and the community at large through events, workshops, conferences, and panel discussions.

Using the newest breakthroughs in cancer treatment, advanced technology and diagnostics, and monitoring, Cancer Treatment Options and Management’s precision oncology gives you the most successful results with the least amount of stress and side effects.

"Precision medicine is driving the most exciting and powerful advances in cancer care today, particularly in lung cancer. It’s encouraging to see that next-generation genetic testing tools can help physicians and their patients get the crucial genomic information they need to make treatment decisions, at a faster pace and lower cost than with other approaches. Next-generation sequencing panels [test] between 50 and 400 genes—[much] more information with a cost that’s competitive or lower [than standard testing].” – ASCO President Bruce E. Johnson (MD, FASCO)

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