Our Cancer Treatment Services

Cancer Treatment Options and Management is here to assist you with every element of your cancer treatment, before, during, and after diagnosis. This page will tell you a little bit more generally about our cancer treatment services; then you can explore the possibilities of precision oncology and the many innovative cancer treatment options we help our patients to access every day.

Our co-founder and chief research scientist, Alex Rolland, has dedicated his professional life (and much of his personal time, I might add) to understanding all aspects of cancer.

With a background in cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology, immunology, biochemistry and genetics, and a life-long personal passion to see everyone triumph over cancer, Alex is driven to make the lives of his patients as long, happy, and fruitful as possible, and he inspires the same enthusiasm and dedication in his team.

Better Than Standard Care

It is important for you to know that at Cancer Treatment Options and Management we will only provide you with information on those treatments that are showing results better than the current standard cancer treatment protocol for your form of cancer.

In other words:

Any treatment we present to you is being put forth because it has been shown, in peer-reviewed scientific studies, to be more effective for you than standard cancer treatment.

The Needle In The Haystack

Did you know that every week, somewhere out there in the world, new, life saving innovations are coming to market for every aspect of cancer diagnosis and treatment?

Equally as often you could read a new, peer-reveiwed study, outlining significant benefits to cancer treatment outcomes and relapse prevention, resulting simply from the daily or weekly ingestion of certain basic dietary supplements or functional foods (otherwise known as Nutraceuticals).

This constant stream of innovations in cancer treatment is leading to such a significant improvement in cancer survival that it is definitely an exciting and inspiring time in the world of oncology.

However, as you may already have experienced, this steady influx of information on cancer prevention and cancer treatment options can turn from exciting to overwhelming if you have a cancer diagnosis and don’t have the time, energy or interest to sift through all this data and find the best innovation for you.

Additionally, for every one of these scientifically sound innovations in cancer treatment, there are just as many ‘alternative’ cancer treatments that are not based on any true understanding of science, and which have no concrete, peer-reviewed data to show that they actually work.

At best these alternative treatments do no harm. But at worst they rob you of valuable time that could have been spent getting the right treatment and walking off into the sunset.

Steve Jobs comes to mind. By his own admission, towards the end of his fight with cancer, the co-founder of Apple computers expressed his own great regret at having ignored science and engaged in alternative treatments during the first year after receiving his cancer diagnosis.

It is perfectly natural to want to avoid surgery, radiation or chemotherapy if you can.  And it is crucial that you make decisions about what will truly be the best treatment for you, based on scientific data – and not just desire.

You can trust that we will look under every nook and cranny, worldwide, to find the cancer treatment strategy that will provide you with the best results with the least stress, physically and mentally .

That’s our purpose in being here for you.

We’ll Find the Best Cancer Treatment For You

Thanks to Alex’s passion for cancer research and for optimal cancer treatment, he and his team are here for you. They read the latest studies and connect with the researchers, innovators, and treatment providers that are showing the best results for your form of cancer. Then, armed with the most current data on what will be the most effective targeted cancer therapy for you, our team creates the optimal, peer-reviewed, science-based treatment plan for you. This means you have more time to just relax, heal, and get on with your life.

We start with innovative diagnostic tools such as Pet/CT scans, liquid biopsies (a brief blood draw tells us a whole lot about what’s driving your cancer and which treatments will and won’t benefit you), and detailed genetic sequencing (our own Hubble telescope for seeing what’s really going on in your tumour). These tests allow us to see clearly where the cancer is in your body and to identify the mutations in your DNA that are driving it to proliferate.

Then, once we know, with confidence, where the cancer is in your body and what is driving in to grow, we perform our personalized research study specifically about you which culminates in  a detailed list of the targeted cancer therapy treatments that the most current data says will be of the greatest benefit to you.

This is how cancer treatment should be for everyone: The right treatment for the right person – You!

Alex and the CTOAM team cover every aspect of cancer care to ensure you have confidence that you are getting the best possible treatment that science and medicine have to offer you today.

Please reach out if you have any questions at all about your cancer care or about CTOAM’s cancer treatment services.