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Canadian Privacy Law Protects Your Information


Because CTOAM is a Canadian company, clients are protected by Canadian Privacy Laws – some of the best in the world. CTOAM is headquartered in the Canadian province of British Columbia, so clients are protected under British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act. You can read more about Canadian privacy legislation here.

Clients who receive any type of testing through CTOAM are guaranteed that their medical information will remain private, unless they specify otherwise. So there is no risk of your medical information being disclosed to your insurance company.

Keep Cancer Medical Records Private

Sometimes people might be reluctant to move forward with getting tested for cancer because they don’t want potential bad news to reach their insurance company – and cause their premiums to get bumped. American citizens are especially vulnerable since the US privacy laws favor insurance companies rather than individual citizens. Having access to testing and treatment conducted through a private Canadian company, like CTOAM, offers a safe alternative for many American cancer patients.

Privacy Policy

If you or a loved one have received a diagnosis of cancer, please reach out today for more information on how CTOAM can help you access the most advanced tests and treatments. You can also register for a Precision Second Opinion.

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