Four Pillars

The key pillars of precision oncology


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Conversation with patient

Collection and review of your medical records, personal health, and family history

Personalized research based on the latest peer-reviewed science

Thorough review of current scientific literature, and personalized report with treatment options

Custom nutraceutical and exercise program based on your cancer

1-2 hour one-on-one consultation where you can ask any question about your cancer

Personalized treatment recommendations within 10 days

Provides you with a detailed report outlining next steps for optimal care

Uses genetic sequencing of your cancer for most precise diagnosis with treatment recommendations within 6 weeks

List of personalized treatment options based on the unique cause of your cancer

Prioritizes the use of targeted therapies for better outcomes and fewer side-effects

Uses advanced imaging to get a more accurate diagnosis

Helps you get access to best targeted therapy for your cancer, no matter where you live

Monitors treatment effectiveness in real time - within days instead of months

What Are The Four Pillars of Precision Oncology?

Precision Oncology has four distinct steps, also referred to as The Four Pillars of Precision Oncology.

Research shows that when cancer patients include just one aspect of these Precision Oncology tools the results are improved survival rates over standard cancer care, with greatly reduced treatment side effects.

Now, imagine the outcome when all 4 are applied. Our research shows that this full Precision Oncology process results in greatly prolonged survival rates, even in previously inoperable cancers.

Therefore, ensuring that your treatment team is using each of these steps in your cancer care is the best way for you to know you’re getting the very best care the world has to offer.

Cancer Research

The Four Pillars of Precision Oncology

    We use leading edge diagnostic tools, such as genetic testing and PET/CT imaging to find out precisely where the cancer is in your body and what is making it grow.
    Then we conduct many hours of personalized research, specific to your body, your inherited genetics, your lifestyle and your cancer genetics, to identify the best possible treatment options for you anywhere in the world.
    We coordinate your access to leading edge surgical tools and medications (like immunotherapy) that are targeted specifically for your cancer.
    We give you the most peace of mind, throughout your treatment process, with the use of ongoing genetic testing and non-invasive monitoring in the form of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) tests, also known as Liquid Biopsies. This ensures your body is responding well and the treatment is working, and it also allows us, if needed, to make very rapid adjustments to your treatment protocol. We also use these liquid biopsy blood tests after your treatment is complete to provide you with regular follow-up monitoring and reassurance that all is well.
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At each step, decisions about how to proceed with treatment are personalized, directly driven by your genetic mutations and lifestyle factors – the treatment protocol is literally designed just for you, and constantly monitored and adjusted as needed. That is Precision Oncology.

Which Precision Oncology

Can CTOAM Precision Oncology Help YOU?

No matter what type of cancer you have, or what stage, our Precision Oncology services will help you to...

  • Feel better, before and after treatment
  • Increase life expectancy

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Explore our patient success stories and interviews to see the Four Pillars of Precision Oncology in action, saving lives.

"I‘ve just trusted in the medical system in this country forever and I was really surprised to find that by going to a private oncologist that CTOAM connected me with, I could get the drugs I actually need versus the drugs that BC Cancer Agency could give me. Cancer Treatment Options and Management was able to help me get these drugs, so I’m not paying for them. I know that before starting the targeted drugs I was feeling really bad. I don’t think I ever realized how badly I was feeling. And I feel wonderful now! It’s incredible how I feel now. I’m almost afraid to say it…they’re going to make me go back to work!" – Lisa, CTOAM patient & breast cancer survivor

Read Lisa's interview with us and her success story.

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