Precision Second Opinion

Whether you are newly diagnosed or at stage IV, we can help.


Schedule a Precision Second Opinion to ensure that your cancer treatment plan is using the most advanced medical science.

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You'll also receive our complimentary ebook: 7 Crucial Things You Can Do To Beat Cancer – an essential guide to our personalized system for recovering from cancer as fast as possible.

What Does a Precision Second Opinion Give You?

1. Personalized Review of Your Case

Our medical team will do a deep dive into your unique case. Simply put, we’re here to help you recover from cancer as fast as possible by using an advanced approach called Precision Oncology (aka personalized cancer medicine).

Before your consult, we’ll first ask you some specific questions to understand exactly where you’re at: what tests and treatments you've had so far, and what their outcomes have been for you. Then, prior to your consult, we'll do in-depth research into peer reviewed journals and studies to search for treatments that are proven to give you better outcomes.

2. Personalized Research Just For You

Our team will research everything they can about the newest treatments and diagnostic tools that are going to give you the best chance of beating cancer – or at least keeping it at bay for a good long time. Moving forward, this evidence-based data will allow your oncologist to offer you better diagnostics and treatments.

3. 1:1 Consult With Renowned Cancer Research Scientist

You'll receive all of our findings in a 1-hour phone consultation with CTOAM’s Chief Research Director, Alex Rolland. Alex is a research scientist specializing in oncogenomics (cancer genetics). He has prepared treatment plans & consulted for oncologists at renowned cancer centres and hospitals worldwide, including the Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, and Johns Hopkins.

Alex will walk you through his findings and tell you exactly what you need to do to move forward with getting these treatments. (You cannot get this type of direct consult with an expert of Alex's caliber anywhere else.)

4. Brief Written Summary Report

You’ll then receive a brief yet detailed report that outlines all of the research and treatment recommendations that Alex and his team have compiled. You can share with your oncologist so they can help you to immediately access these tests and treatments ASAP. If your oncologist wants to talk with Alex, that is also possible. If you prefer, we can connect you with a different community oncologist instead.

Even if you are at stage IV and have been told there's nothing left for you, we will very likely be able to find some new treatment options for you! You can think of it this just 30 days from now, you could be starting on a treatment that will give you your life back. This might sound too good to be true, but it's not: we have achieved this with many of our clients. It IS possible when you use the newest evidence-based medical science and precision oncology in your cancer care plan.

5. Customized Roadmap for Your Next Steps

We’ll come up with a strategic plan of action to increase your chances of recovering from cancer as soon as possible, while giving you the highest quality of life both during and after treatment. You and your oncologist will receive a brief, easy-to-read report from our Scientific Research and Advocacy Team with customized diagnostic and treatment recommendations based on your specific cancer type and your personal health and lifestyle goals. Any action(s) taken based on this report will be done in consultation with your oncologist.

And we'll explain the next steps you can take to access the treatments and diagnostics that Alex recommends for you. Advocacy is a big part of our work: it's often required for accessing the newest treatments through standard care or through pharmaceutical companies. We're often able to even get expensive treatments fully covered with the data and research we provide your oncologist with. Having over a decade of experience in Precision Oncology – and knowing how the healthcare system works inside out – lets us help you get what you need, fast.

6. Option to Have an Audio Recording

We know that you will be getting a huge amount of information in this phone consultation with Alex. If you would like us to make an audio recording of your call, just ask. This can be helpful to have to replay so you don’t need to remember everything that was said. It can also help to share with other family members or loved ones later on.

Either way, your written report will also contain all the necessary details in it. And if you'd like to invite a family member or friend to listen in on your call, that's also very welcome. A good cancer care plan greatly benefits from a supportive network of caring people!

7. The Very Best Follow-up Support

We’ll use our expertise and supportive team to follow up with you, whether you decide to work with us or not. You’ll have us in your corner for any further questions you have, and to check in along the way.

80% of the time, we’ll find a new treatment option for you that is proven to be more effective than your current treatment. And otherwise, we’ll absolutely find you new FDA approved off-label options and innovative treatment combinations that reduce treatment side-effects and improve efficacy...which lets you keep a high quality life, instead of losing yourself (and your relationships) to side effects and stress.

It’s not uncommon for our clients to go from stage 4 to sustained remission – without chemo! – in just 9 months. Again, that might sound like an impossible feat, but it's not: we have seen this, time and again, using targeted treatments like immunotherapy on the right cancer case. It IS possible.

And there are so many other targeted treatment options and new combinations available now that may be exactly suited to your specific molecular features. There are almost always more, and better, options than what standard care has to offer. And that's what we are here for: to tell you about these better options and help you to access them asap.

The right treatment at the right time makes all the difference.

(There are spots available for this month)

You'll also receive our complimentary ebook, 7 Crucial Things You Can Do To Beat Cancer – an essential guide to our personalized system that will help you recover from cancer as fast as possible.

Meet Your Cancer Care Specialists

Our team has over 55 years combined experience.

Alex Rolland, co-founder and CEO
Director of Scientific Research

Our founder and cancer research expert, Alex Rolland, has 25+ years experience as a highly respected research scientist in cancer and oncogenomics. He has spent time both on the frontlines with patients in hospitals and in labs researching the newest diagnostic and treatment advancements. Alex has developed highly successful treatment plans for oncologists and patients at leading cancer centres around the world, including the Mayo Clinic (USA), Johns Hopkins (USA), MD Anderson (USA), BC Cancer Agency (BC, Canada), among many others. He is recognized among the best in the industry as an expert and thought leader.

Michelle Morand, co-founder
Cancer Care Specialist and Counsellor

Michelle Morand (MA, RCC) has a successful 30+ year career in mental health education and program development. She's helped hundreds of clients overcome hardships and live fulfilling lives. Deeply passionate about helping others, Michelle is an expert in cancer advocacy and works with cancer patients across Canada and worldwide to help them access better care and leading-edge treatments.

You’ll Be Getting a Fully Personalized Treatment Recommendation Report – That You Can Take Action On Immediately

We’ll use our precision oncology expertise and evidence-based research to identify the gaps in your current cancer cancer care plan and give you a breakdown of the specific treatment recommendations that are proven to work better for your case than what you are currently being offered. We'll also give you recommendations for specific diagnostics that will enhance the accuracy of your diagnosis as well as your treatment monitoring. You and your oncologist will be able to go over this report and decide on what action you want to take. Any action(s) taken based on this report will be done in consultation with your oncologist.

What Will I Get In My Precision Second Opinion Consultation

Cancer Strategy Panel 1
Cancer Strategy Panel 2
Cancer Strategy Panel 3
Cancer Strategy Panel 4

Whether you are newly diagnosed or at stage 4, we can help.

You'll also receive our complimentary ebook, 7 Crucial Things You Can Do To Beat Cancer – an essential guide to our personalized system for achieving long-term remission as fast as possible.

We’ve Helped Hundreds of Patients Far Outlive Their Doctors’ Predictions by 3 Years or More, and Also Become Cancer Free

See feedback from some of our clients...

"This is a fantastic place to get real information about your cancer. I want to thank you so much. It is so hard to get answers from anyone these days. These people care and give you great advice to help you with your decisions and what’s new. I recommend you talk to them and get the real facts about what’s up!"

- Sharon McConnell

Sharon McConnell
Lisa Johnson

"Thanks to CTOAM, I'm feeling better than I have in quite some time. I am a seven year metastatic breast cancer survivor and I have access to the drugs that help stall my cancer...

I‘ve just trusted in the medical system in this country forever and I was really surprised to find that by going to a private oncologist I could get the drugs I actually need versus the drugs they [BCCA] could give me. CTOAM was able to help me get these drugs, so I’m not paying for them. I’ve been on the targeted drugs now for a few months and I feel better than I’ve felt in a couple of years. I feel really good – like, shockingly good. And I’m not having any side effects from them at all."

- Lisa Johnson

"Alex knows more about cancer than anyone I’ve met including doctors. He actually thinks and personalizes treatment for his clients. Highly recommend CTOAM."

- Michael Choe

Michael Choe
Mary Wilfert

"We had great success with CTOAM with my husband’s melanoma. Greg followed CTOAM’s recommendations and is now over 5 years cancer free."

– Mary Wilfert

"My father is doing very well. He just had his appointment with his oncologist who gave him a glowing report. Best possible outcome. I am sure that the immunotherapy was instrumental in his cancer being undetectable a year after diagnosis…especially without surgery. We are confident that this good report will continue into the future."

"We are very grateful for your help and do believe more people should have access to this treatment. We hope this will make the treatment more accessible, too. Once again, thank you so much."

– Karen Miller

Karen Miller

"You helped us immensely through the process and we always recommend you to anyone who asks us for advice on cancer treatment.

Alex was just so positive – we enjoyed our phone calls with him because we talked to him, we were always like, 'okay, we can do this!' There was always hope after we talked to him. There was always something we could be doing more of. You know, drink your green tea, take all your nutraceuticals…there was just always, always something positive.

This year I get to see my oldest daughter graduate from high school with multiple scholarships and awards. When I was first diagnosed (with stage IV, over five years ago), I was hoping to see her through middle school!"


"I was impressed with the research and knowledge Alex has. He’s explained everything along the way; I’ve come to trust him implicitly. He always gives me hope, which is also a huge benefit."

Damian Latch

Joan Fleitch

"I’m happy I chose to go with CTOAM because it’s given me more time to spend with my family. Alex has been very encouraging. If I could go back in time, I would have started with CTOAM faster. I would tell anyone with cancer to call Alex right away."

Betty Jones

"All I wanted to do was to be able to say to my family that I’ve done the best I could. And, with CTOAM, I know I have.

Five out of the six drugs recommended by CTOAM were funded. The first drug (which was funded) worked for about eight months. But cancer is a horrible disease! It figures out the treatment and then learns how to grow in spite of it, so then the drug that used to be effective is no longer effective.

And that’s what Alex does so well: he’s always on top of what’s coming down the pipeline. As soon as one drug stops working, he has another waiting in the wings to try. In the last two years, there’s been six different drugs – or combinations of drugs – to help me. And no chemo! All targeted.

I’d recommend you hire somebody like CTOAM that can help you get this – the genetic testing, personalized research, and advocacy – done.

And if I were a doctor, what better than having someone doing all this legwork for you? Bringing you the latest information and supporting it with evidence...and having a back-and-forth dialogue about how to give your patient the most effective treatment possible? Again, it changed my original oncologist’s view of what he would have done.

So, even though I felt a little apprehensive about hiring CTOAM at first – mainly because it was outside the BC Cancer Agency umbrella – as time goes on, Alex’s approaches have been validated not once, not twice, but three times! And so, today? Total confidence! Wouldn’t doubt at all that I made the right decision."

Margaret South

Margaret South

Thank you very much for the discussion we had yesterday. Alex was very clear and helpful. He made sense of bits of information we already had and brought a lot of new information we didn't know about it. We do appreciate his knowledge and effort to help us a lot​.

A big thank you to you, too, because you made this discussion happen...and for all the support we may need in the future!"

- Nina O.

"Let me thank you for the time you and Alex spent with us the other evening. We were impressed with your knowledge, professionalism, caring, and obvious passion for what you do."

– M. and G. Hildebrand


"My consultation with Alex was great! Alex is very approachable. His responses are very compassionate and informative. And when I took my notes from our consultation to my oncologist he agreed with the suggestions that Alex had made. It was a very beneficial experience for me. I highly recommend it."

– J.K.

"Just a quick note to, once again, to say how pleased my wife and I are that we were able to come in contact with you!!!

After Alex was able to connect us with Dr. Das in Toronto for the tumours in my head, I am happy to say today we just finished our 9th treatment of the Gamma radiation at Sunnybrook in Toronto... and that’s only since we met you, what, 15 days ago?!

Amazing!! We feel very more week at Sunnybrook, then a brief one-week break before beginning treatment at Princess Margaret on my lungs. If you or Alex feel there are other steps we could be additionally making, please feel free to let me know...we’re very grateful for your assistance so far."

– Mark M.


Whether you are newly diagnosed or at stage 4, we can help.

You will also receive our complimentary ebook 7 Crucial Things You Can Do To Beat Cancer – an essential guide to our personalized system for beating cancer as fast as possible, using the newest leading-edge diagnostic tools and treatments.

Schedule a Precision Second Opinion (Value $2,500)

Your Precision Second Opinion is valued at $2,500 USD. Given the current pandemic stress you are experiencing on top of your cancer care concerns, you can schedule your consult for a reduced fee of $525 CAD ($409 USD).

Only Evidence-Based Medical Science

Our Precision Second Opinion consults are for people who are looking for an evidence-based approach to treating cancer. We use only the newest peer reviewed research and most advanced medical science to guide our recommendations.

Our goal is to set up your cancer treatment plan for long term success and, in order to do this, you must be willing to invest in your health and quality of life. We are able to keep our fees far lower than any other centre offering comparable Precision Oncology services due to our low overhead, mission-based infrastructure, and the Canadian currency. Moreover, we are often able to get our clients' treatments – including the very expensive ones – fully covered! Because we provide the insurance companies, oncologists, and/or pharmaceutical companies with the data proving you need it. So it comes full circle.

If you are ready to figure out how you can recover from cancer asap and get your life back - and heck, quite possibly feel even better than you did pre-cancer! – then schedule your Precision Second Opinion.

If you are at all considering this, we urge you to book sooner rather than later. The sooner you reach out to us, the better we will be able to help you. Time is of the essence with cancer.

Here’s what to do next: Click this button, pick an appointment time for your call, and fill in a short medical questionnaire to help us make the most of your time. And we’ll be talking with you very soon.

We just need to know what type of cancer you have, get an idea of where you are at in your cancer care process, and so forth. I am 100% confident that our Precision Oncology service can transform your health. It is our mission to help as many cancer patients as possible to recover from this disease, asap, with a high quality of life, and get back to living life as usual.

That’s why we continue to put $2,500 worth of our resources on the line and the fee is just $525 CAD ($409 USD). Click the link below now to schedule your consultation.


Alex Rolland
Director of Scientific Research; Precision Oncology Specialist
Cancer Treatment Options and Management

The right treatment at the right time makes all the difference.

You will also receive our complimentary ebook, 7 Crucial Things You Can Do To Beat Cancer – an essential guide to our personalized system that uses the newest leading-edge diagnostic tools and treatments to help you recover asap.

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