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Precision oncology requires a broad support system made up of labs, diagnostic clinics, clinical trials, peer-reviewed research, trusted treatment teams, and services like CTOAM, that allows access to them by everyday people like you.

Explore the list below to read more about specific topics on precision oncology. These vetted resources can help you gain a better understanding of how precision oncology works and why it can help improve your treatment outcome.

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Personalized Cancer Treatment Resources

  • Clinical Trials Database
    An extensive database of federally and privately supported clinical trials conducted in 174 countries around the world. Here you can search for specific diseases, or use other search criteria, including treatment approach.
    A trustworthy place for independent test results and information to help consumers and health care professionals identify the best quality health and nutrition products. They publish the results of their tests in comprehensive reports, so you can see the facts.
  • CTD (Comparative Toxicogenomics Database)
    A scientific database describing chemical-gene-disease interactions. This database allows you to determine what substances control the oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes driving your cancer.
  • IsoRay Medical
    This is a medical technology company and innovator in Cesium-131 seed and mesh brachytherapy. They are responsible for one of the most important advancements in internal radiation therapy in the past 20 years.
  • KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes)
    A collection of online databases on genomes, enzymatic pathways, biological chemicals, and cancer gene maps. You can download cancer gene maps specific to your form of cancer – including alterations to oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes.
  • NICO Myriad
    This amazing new tool allows for minimally invasive brain tumour removal, combined with extraction of live tumour samples, in order to determine the most effective treatment protocol.
  • Oncomine
    An extensive collection of gene expression profiles and genetic alterations in cancers. This website contains all of the genes altered from multiple samples of a specific form of cancer.
  • Pacific Breast Pathology
    A specialized pathology group dedicated to providing expert diagnostic interpretations of breast core needle biopsies and surgical excisions/mastectomies. It also provides immunohistochemistry and molecular pathology testing for all breast cancers.
  • Premier Diagnostic Center
    A state-of-the-art PET/CT facility located in Burnaby, BC, Canada. If you need immediate access to a PET/CT scan at a highly competitive price, we recommend you contact the friendly and helpful experts at Premier Diagnostic Center.
  • PubMed
    A comprehensive database of peer review studies from all areas of medical science. Here you can download studies on unique molecular signatures, mechanisms, and treatment approaches specific to your form of cancer.
  • Quackwatch
    This informative website contains information on some of the common questionable cancer therapies that have been proven to have no scientific basis.
  • The Melanoma Molecular Map Project (MMMP)
    An extensive open access, interactive web-based multidatabase dedicated to the research on melanoma biology and therapy. The aim of this non-profit project is to create an organized and continuously updated data bank, collecting the research of this endlessly growing field.
  • The Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc.
    A wonderful organization dedicated to improving the quality of life and survival times for brain tumour patients. They do this by using computer technology to streamline the flow of information, organize the brain tumour community, and raise money for brain tumour research.
  • Pleural Mesothelioma
    An advocacy organization devoted to helping those affected by Mesothelioma. They provide free educational resources, support, and information to anyone that may have questions about asbestos-related diseases.

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Join our FREE training for cancer patients and loved ones...

"New Cancer Treatments and How to Get Them"

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