Skin Cancer Patient Stories

See how Precision Oncology helps skin cancer patients like you

Skin Cancer Patient Stories with Precision Oncology

How We Help Skin Cancer Patients Like You

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Read our selection of stories about patients with skin cancer to learn how Precision Oncology can help you live longer, and with a higher quality of life. Each patient story brings you on a journey through the Four Pillars of Precision Oncology and how our medical team applies them, uniquely, to each person.

Here's a small selection of the skin cancer patients we've helped over the years. You'll see how our medical team uses the newest advancements in cancer care to help our patients far beyond what standard care can provide. Since 2010, Cancer Treatment Options and Management has been using leading edge diagnostics (including genetic testing and PET-CT imaging) and targeted treatments to help cancer patients, from all over the world, to live longer. Explore the stories below to better understand how our team can help you with your skin cancer, no matter what type you have.

Skin Cancer Patient Stories with CTOAM Precision Oncology

David (age 66) – Melanoma

Bob (age 66) – Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)

Joan (age 45) – Melanoma

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