About Us

Hello, welcome to Cancer Treatment Options and Management.

Our passion is ensuring that you have access to the most current tests and treatments that medical science has to offer for your form of cancer.

Everything we do is based on peer-reviewed medical science.

Because we are a private company we are able to provide diagnostic and treatment options that our mainstream medical system does not yet offer or, in some cases, cannot afford to offer.

We strongly believe that your health and longevity should not be determined by government budgets, long wait times, and limited treatment options.

We believe you deserve access to the very best that medical science has to offer you now and we make sure you get immediate access to the right tests and treatments for your form of cancer.

Fill out our free consultation form and chat with us about your needs or call us directly at 778-999-5463. We welcome the opportunity to help you make the best possible choice in your cancer treatment and in prevention of recurrence.

Peace of mind is hard to find when you are facing a life threatening illness. We will ensure you have confidence that you are doing all you can.

Alex, Michelle and the CTOAM Team.