Personalized Cancer Care for Cancer Patients in Canada, and Around the World

Precision Oncology Services for Cancer Patients

CTOAM is a worldwide, Canadian-based personalized cancer care and precision oncology service, specializing in getting our clients rapid access to the best possible cancer treatment available for their form of cancer, while assisting their physicians in having the most current data from which to make confident treatment decisions on your behalf.

We facilitate access to peer-reviewed, science-based precision diagnostics such as PET/CT scans; liquid biopsy (blood-based genetic tests) and detailed genetic panels. We use these leading diagnostic tools, combined with a thorough and personalized research review, as our team explores the most advanced scientific data available today, to find the best options for you.

The precision oncology combination of innovative diagnostics, cutting-edge cancer research, and targeted therapies (including immunotherapies) is providing cancer patients worldwide with:

  • Fewer misdiagnoses
  • Less need for traditional chemotherapy and radiation
  • More successful surgical procedures
  • Higher survival rates
  • Fewer, and less severe, treatment side-effects

In fact, it isn’t uncommon for patients to report they feel better than they have in years, while on targeted therapies.

And it’s fast – you’ll begin to receive personalized data and targeted treatment options within ten days, and we’ll work with your local oncologist to arrange immediate access to the most cost-effective and convenient treatments for you. If needed, we can offer referrals to our own network of world-renowned oncologists who can see you immediately.


Get the Most Advanced Cancer Therapies at Home

As a private company, CTOAM facilitates getting our clients access to diagnostics, treatment, and monitoring that you usually can’t get within the public health system in Canada – and that cost over twice the price to get in the United States. With CTOAM’s support you will instantly have access to the best diagnostic tests and the most effective treatments available, worldwide.

No matter where you are located in the world, CTOAM is able to help you: our services are primarily online and location-independent. Wherever possible, you’re able to stay at home while we coordinate your care with your local treatment team, hospitals, and labs to get you access to the best tests and treatments in the world.

The Latest Breakthroughs in Cancer Testing and Treatment

For nearly a decade, CTOAM’s research scientists and care team have been helping people live longer and recover from cancer. Please explore our success stories and testimonials from past clients.

CTOAM works with the latest medical advancements in cancer research and precision cancer to ensure you understand and have access to the best treatments available for your cancer.

We do this so that you are clear about your treatment options, have immediate answers to all of your cancer-related questions, and feel truly supported during this process. You can focus on your health, while CTOAM takes care of the rest.

Using the latest breakthroughs in cancer research, precision oncology, advanced technology and diagnostics, and cutting-edge treatments, CTOAM provides you with the fastest, most effective and least invasive cancer treatment options and support available worldwide.

Personalized cancer care refers to more than just the genetic testing and research we provide for our clients. It means that you have regular communication with Cancer Care Research and Advocacy Specialists, along with access to our global network: our innovative and personalized treatment plans connect you with the best diagnostic clinics and research facilities around the world. And we encourage our clients to call with any questions or concerns they might have, at any time – CTOAM is here for you. We are proud to serve as your personalized cancer care expert and cancer care personal assistant.

Please email or call us today to speak with a member of our care team, or register for a Precision Second Opinion, to discuss your case more thoroughly.

"Precision medicine is not the future of cancer care – It is the present."
Don Dizon, MD, FACP (American Society of Clinical Oncology)

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