Cancer Success Stories

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Cancer Success Stories and Testimonials from Our Patients

Choosing whom you want involved in your cancer treatment team is, undoubtedly, an important decision. We always recommend doing as much research as possible and selecting the best approach for your unique situation.

It can also be useful to hear what others have to say – so please explore these testimonials from past cancer patients, as well as doctors we’ve worked with.

  • Testimonials from Patients: Listen to feedback from cancer patients whom we’ve helped recover from cancer or improve their quality of life, as well as extend it significantly.
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Cancer Success Stories

How does precision oncology work, in practice? Read our patient success stories to discover the steps we take to ensure our clients have access to the most effective treatment for their form of cancer and how they benefit from the higher survival rates that targeted therapy offers.

  • Success Stories: Learn how we’ve helped clients go from being told by their oncologist they need to prepare for palliative care to enjoying a complete recovery. These successes are made possible by the scientific advancements of precision oncology and experts like Alex Rolland, who know exactly how to put them into practice.
  • Patient Interviews: You can also hear directly from CTOAM clients about their experience, from start to finish. Find out how we were able to get clients the drugs they needed, when their local cancer agency couldn’t.

How to Choose the Right Cancer Treatment

Peer-reviewed facts: Know that when you hire CTOAM, you won’t need to trust our opinions or believe our words – everything we do is based on facts: peer-reviewed, scientific evidence that demonstrates certain treatments will be more effective for you than others.

Scientific data: Our precision oncology specialists provide you with full references for every treatment recommendation we make. We encourage you to always check the facts before you act. Don’t believe us, or anyone else – instead, consult the scientific data to see for certain what your best options are.

Explore CTOAM’s personalized precision oncology process to see exactly what steps we take to ensure that you can access the right treatment for your unique form of cancer.

Contact us today with any questions. Register for a Precision Second Opinion to discover how we can help you to reduce stress and dramatically increase treatment success.

Precision Oncology: Feel better, Faster.

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