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Receiving a cancer diagnosis affects many people, beyond the patient. The more your family and friends understand how precision oncology can benefit you, the more willing and able they will be to support you in your choices. It’s important that everyone is speaking the same language, when it comes to discussing test and treatment options – so if your loved ones aren’t yet familiar with the benefits of precision oncology, go ahead and share these resources below with them.

Having a network of loved ones to support you during your treatment process can make a big difference to your emotional well-being, mental health, and general ability to make choices that are right for you.

Share these supportive resources with your loved ones:

  • Brochure: Our CTOAM brochure is a quick way to bring family and friends up to speed on the benefits of precision oncology and how CTOAM’s services will ensure you receive the optimal treatment outcome.
  • Links: Your friends and family can also explore these additional resources to learn more about the most advanced tests and treatments currently offered through precision oncology.

If you have any questions or want to learn how CTOAM can help clarify your cancer treatment options, please email or call us to speak with our care team today.

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