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How Personalized Oncogenomics Can Help Doctors

Creating a strong cancer treatment plan involves many different people, and it’s imperative that every member of your treatment team is on the same page. CTOAM works together with your doctors (oncologist, GP, and anyone else on your team), so they can better help you.


The more your doctor knows about precision oncology, the more likely he/she will understand the value that CTOAM provides and be willing to work with us to gain you access to the most advanced tests and treatments. CTOAM has worked with oncologists throughout North America and Europe to create treatment plans that offer the best chance of a successful treatment outcome for patients around the world.

To help your doctor understand how CTOAM can benefit your treatment plan, please share with them these resources on our services, and precision oncology, in general:

  • Brochure: Our CTOAM brochure for doctors is specifically designed to give medical professionals a quick idea of what precision oncology is and how CTOAM’s services work.
  • Links: A selection of links that offer information about how precision oncology is used today, why it’s so effective, and how it can help them in their own medical practice.

If you’d like to learn how CTOAM can improve your treatment outcome, contact us today.

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