Best Cancer Fighting Foods

Science-based nutrition for cancer treatment and prevention

Food and Cancer Treatment

There’s a lot of information swirling around about the ‘right’ foods to eat for cancer treatment, management, and prevention. There are folks who preach to eat this and not that, without backing up why. And then there are doctors who fail to even mention diet and nutrition to their patients. CTOAM approaches nutrition the same way as drug treatments: our cancer experts look to medical science to show us the facts about what works and what doesn’t.

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Link Between Diet and Cancer

And the facts are in: Medical science has shown that certain foods (or supplements) directly affect cancer-causing genes, in one of two ways:

  1. They make it harder for cancer-causing genes to trigger cancer growth.
  2. They directly strengthen genes that suppress cancer from developing.

This means that eating certain foods or supplements can have a significant, positive impact on the treatment, management, and prevention of cancer.

  • What Are Nutraceuticals?
    Nutraceuticals are parts of foods or supplements that have a proven role in regulating the genes and processes involved in cancer.

Each week, new studies emerge that demonstrate the positive impact of nutraceuticals in cancer treatment and prevention. At CTOAM, we have seen remarkable results in our clients after just one week on a nutraceutical diet. But don’t believe us – simply read the many peer-reviewed scientific journals and studies on this subject, and see for yourself.

The scientific facts are clear: eating the right foods can powerfully impact your cancer treatment, management, and prevention.

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Nutraceutical Diets for Cancer Treatment

Nutraceutical diets are based on science specific to your body and the genes driving your cancer. This type of diet only adds (or removes) foods that are clearly shown to benefit (or harm) you and the genes directly involved in your cancer, according to scientific data and many peer-reviewed studies.

  • Benefits of Nutraceutical Diets for Cancer
    • Backed by medical science:
      The foods and supplements involved in your nutraceutical diet are guaranteed, by medical science, to have a positive effect on your treatment.
    • Inexpensive and simple:
      Nutraceutical diets are typically quite affordable and easy to execute on a daily basis, making them a great long-term tool for cancer treatment, management, and prevention.
    • Supports your success
      This type of diet gives you the greatest chance at being able to follow the diet both correctly and consistently, over time.
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Get a Nutraceutical Diet for Cancer

Why aren’t more cancer patients on nutraceutical diets? For many of the same reasons so few are on targeted therapies: the cancer research has simply not yet reached the front lines of standard cancer care. So most cancer patients, as well as many doctors, remain unaware of the impact of nutraceuticals in cancer treatment.

Fortunately, CTOAM is aware – and our cancer experts want to make sure that all cancer patients benefit from this highly effective diet. For more information, please contact our care team today. We’ll answer all your questions, and help you gain access to the most effective treatments for your form of cancer. Or talk to CTOAM’s Director of Scientific Research, Alex Rolland, to discuss your case more thoroughly.

What if you could easily and immediately add world-renowned experts to your cancer care team?

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