Genetic Panel for Cancer Detection

Comprehensive tumour DNA sequencing panel

Genetic Testing for Cancer: Tumor DNA Sequencing

We know now that cancer is a disease that is unique in each individual. Your treatment plan, therefore, must be personalized to your unique form of cancer in order to be most successful. Whether you are just starting treatment or have already begun, it is crucial to get a detailed genetic analysis of your tumour DNA. This is because it clearly identifies your unique set of mutations.

  • Genetic Testing For Targeted Therapy
  • A detailed genetic analysis is critical to getting the right targeted therapy for your form of cancer.
    • Targeted cancer therapies:
    • Directly target the mutations that are triggering your cancer cells to reproduce
    • Reduce the side effects of treatment
    • Maximize treatment outcome
    • Reduce the potential for cancer recurrence
  • Personalized Targeted Treatment Plan
  • At CTOAM, your personalized treatment plan includes:
  • Targeted diagnostics: Advanced imaging tools, tumour DNA testing, and genetic testing provide data on exactly where your cancer is and what is driving it
  • Targeted treatment monitoring: Liquid biopsies, PET/CT scans, and genetic panels show us exactly how well your treatment is working
  • Targeted cancer treatment: Targeted therapies target only your cancer cells, leaving your healthy cells to flourish
  • Targeted diet: For an extra fee, you can get a personalized nutraceutical diet plan. Nutraceuticals are shown in many studies to greatly enhance the impact of your treatment. Getting personalized plan ensures that your diet (including food and natural supplements) will enhance your treatment outcome.
  • Problems with standard treatment:
  • If you are currently receiving standard cancer treatment like chemotherapy or radiation, valuable time can – and often is – wasted on:
      Cancer Care Research and Advocacy Specialist
    • The wrong treatment entirely
    • A treatment that might work on one of your mutations, but exacerbate another
    • Cause unnecessary side effects
    • Lead to cancer recurrence in future

Getting a genetic analysis of your tumour tissue provides us with the information needed to know what mutations are driving your specific form of cancer – and this enables precision oncology specialists to create the best possible treatment strategy for you.

Cost of Genetic Panel Testing for Cancer

If you were to get a DNA sequencing panel done in the US, it’d cost significantly more than the one we facilitate for you. Canada offers us access to the most comprehensive panels available – for a fraction of what they cost elsewhere in the world. Please contact us to learn more about pricing, and how we can help you access and analyze this invaluable test.

These genetic tumour tissue tests will give you confidence in your treatment protocol! You’ll know your treatment is targeting the specific mutations driving your cancer.

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Targeted Therapy Success Stories

After just a few weeks on the right targeted therapy, many CTOAM clients see:

  • Tumour size reduction
  • Increase in physical energy levels
  • Improved mood
  • No side effects

"I’ve been on the drugs now for a few months and I feel better now than I’ve felt in a couple of years. I feel really good – like, shockingly good. And I’m not having any side effects from them at all. I feel fabulous." – Susan, CTOAM client and cancer survivor.

You don’t need to feel terrible while getting cancer treatment! With targeted cancer therapy, you can experience successful cancer treatment without damaging your body.

If you or a loved one have any questions about genetic testing for cancer, please reach out today – our cancer specialists can help you understand more about your specific case, and how to get quick access to genetic tests and targeted treatments.

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