Problems with MRI

Why PET CT offers more detailed results


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Are MRIs Accurate in Diagnosing Cancer?

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An MRI can provide more details than both an ultrasound and a CT scan, yet still lack the detail and accuracy of a PET/CT scan. An acronym for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRIs use magnetism and radio waves to build a picture of the inside of the body. They look at variations in density of tissues, exploring shapes and shadows. This leaves technologists to make a best guess as to which shapes are cancerous or not, which can lead to false negatives and delay treatment.

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Problems with MRIs

  • MRI cancer detection failure
    MRIs can not effectively differentiate between cancerous tumours and non cancerous tumours:
    • Therefore, people are frequently misdiagnosed.
    • They also can’t differentiate between cancerous tissue and cysts (or fibroids).
  • MRIs lack detail
    They do not identify the most aggressive tumours:
    • Therefore, doctors are unable to prioritize treatment effectively.
  • MRIs miss tumours
    They do not clearly identify the location of all tumours in your body:
    • Therefore, it is common for tumours to be completely missed.
    • It's also common to have only partial tumour removal during surgery.
  • MRI inaccuracy in treatment monitoring
    After cancer treatment, an MRI is unable to determine whether remaining masses are cancerous:
    • The MRI might show signs of cancer, but that cancer might not be active.
    • For example, it could be scar tissue left over from cancer killed off by your treatment.
    • This means you won’t know whether or not you need to continue treatment.

On the other hand, a PET/CT scan can show whether tissue is cancerous or not; so you can avoid false negatives, as well as continuing treatment unnecessarily.

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Best Diagnostic Imaging Test for Cancer

If MRIs are less detailed than PET/CT scans, why are they still being used (usually after both an ultrasound and a CT scan have been conducted)?

  • MRIs are cheaper than PET/CTs.
  • There are far more MRI machines than PET/CT machines.
  • MRIs are more detailed than ultrasounds and CT scans.
  • More doctors are familiar with the older technology of MRIs than with the newer technology of PET/CT scans.
  • MRIs do not expose people to radiation.

A PET/CT scan remains your best option for diagnostic imaging: PET/CTs can identify exactly where the cancer is in your body, its level of aggression, and if your treatment is working optimally. Please read more about why PET/CT scans are so effective and how you can get one immediately.

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