What is Precision Oncology?

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How Precision Oncology Helps Cancer Patients

What Is Precision Oncology?

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Precision Oncology is an innovative approach to cancer treatment that ensures your treatment is specifically designed and targeted to your unique form of cancer. It’s the science of using each patient’s individual genetics – the genes that are mutated, causing their cancer to grow – to create a treatment protocol just for them, based on those genetic mutations.

How Does Precision Oncology Work?

When precision oncology specialists discover what gene mutations are actually driving your cancer, they can choose a targeted therapy that will work for those specific mutations. Targeted therapy (the latest advancement in cancer treatment) produces far better results with fewer side effects than standard chemotherapy.

“Personalised medicine can be described as: The right medicine for the right patient at the right time.”

The Latest Breakthroughs in Cancer Research

Scientific Research and Advocacy Team
  • What is cancer? The most advanced medical science shows that every person’s cancer is comprised of a unique combination of genetically inherited gene mutations and cell mutations that have arisen as a result of lifestyle choices and/or environmental factors. In other words, your cancer is truly unique to you. 1
  • How is cancer treated? There are now advanced diagnostics that allow us to discover exactly what is causing your cancer to grow. There are also now literally thousands of targeted cancer therapy options – drugs that have been designed to only attack the mutated cells. 2 Because these targeted drugs leave your healthy cells alone, they produce higher survival rates than standard chemotherapy and radiation.

Numerous research studies demonstrate that tumour shrinkage rates and progression-free survival are greatly improved with precision oncology

In this way, precision oncology lets us both identify the exact driver of your cancer and treat it effectively, using targeted therapies that are less invasive and cause fewer and less severe side effects.

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Does Precision Oncology Work?

In nearly a decade of helping people recover from cancer, Cancer Treatment Options and Management’s precision oncology specialists have never seen two people with exactly the same cancer. Our medical team has helped clients, around the world, access life-saving tests and treatments that would’ve otherwise been unavailable through the standard medical system.

Our specialists have seen people with breast, lung, brain, and prostate cancer, as well as other types of cancer – but even within the same category, no two people have had the exact same mutations driving their cancer. In order to recover from their cancer, every one of our clients has required a unique combination of advanced targeted therapies and nutraceuticals – utilized in a certain order – in addition to other treatment interventions.

Scientific Research and Advocacy Team Scientific Research and Advocacy Team

In order to have the best chance of recovery from cancer, you need treatment that targets your specific mutations. And for that, you need precision oncology.

“Precision oncology is the evolving understanding of how cancers develop on a genomic level and our ability to develop drugs that hone in on those targets – ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.”

Other Names for Precision Oncology

Because this field is so new, the scientific and medical communities have not yet decided upon a singular name for it. Here are some common names that all refer to precision oncology:
  • Personalized cancer medicine
  • Individualized cancer medicine
  • Personalized medicine
  • Genomic medicine
  • Precision medicine
  • Personalized cancer treatment
  • Oncogenomics
  • Personalized oncogenomics

Whatever name you prefer to use, it is indeed the future of cancer treatment: precision oncology will undoubtedly be the standard in health care, with time. Places like Europe and the US (including the Mayo Clinic) are leading the way, making this a reality. Although Canada continues to remain regrettably behind, Cancer Treatment Options and Management is working to forge the path.

“Personalised management is considered as the future of cancer care.”

Please explore the resources available on the CTOAM website, and check out this handy guide to personalized medicine, courtesy of the European Society for Medical Oncology.

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1 Garraway L., Verweij J, Ballman K. Precision Oncology: An Overview. J Clin Oncol. 2013; 31 (15):1803-1805.
2 Morere J.F. Oncology in 2012: from personalized medicine to precision medicine. Targ Oncol. 2012; 7:211-212.


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