Cancer Advocacy Services

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Cancer Advocacy Services

Why You Need a Professional Cancer Advocate in Your Corner

Because precision oncology is not yet part of standard cancer care, it’s essential for you to have an advocate in your corner in order to get the most out of this approach. When CTOAM facilitates a cancer patient’s genetic testing, personalized research, and targeted treatment, we also advocate on their behalf throughout the entire process. This is the only way to ensure you will receive the tests and treatments that you need.

Benefits of cancer advocacy

When you have a professional Cancer Care Research and Advocacy Specialist advocating on your behalf, you are more likely to successfully access:

  • Insurance coverage for most, if not all, of your treatment costs:
    Depending on your insurance package, precision oncology services and tests may also be covered.
  • Advanced tests through mainstream care or private labs:
    These tests are otherwise extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get.
  • Targeted therapies from pharmaceutical companies:
    These treatments are otherwise extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get.
  • Placement in clinical trials as close to your home as possible:
    This can be otherwise very time-consuming to research and apply for, and you might not be accepted without a professional advocate like CTOAM.
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How We Advocate on Your Behalf

When CTOAM is part of your treatment team, we support you every step of the way. Whether we’re conducting personalized cancer research or consulting on your treatment plan, our specialists are in constant communication with you and your doctors. From the moment you hire us, our precision oncology team will:

  • 1. Consult directly with you and your treatment team Consult directly with you and your treatment team
    This includes:
    • Establishing what you want in terms of tests and treatment, and how you want to proceed in general.
    • Talking with your treatment team (oncologist and other doctors) regularly, to keep everyone on the same page.
    • Working together with your oncologist to serve you better, and make sure you have access to the most effective treatments for your form of cancer.
  • 2. Share our precision oncology network with you and your treatment team
    This includes:
    • Providing you and your oncologist (or doctor) with the contact information of any other labs, testing, and treatments facilities that will benefit you.
    • Connecting you with any other specialists that will benefit your treatment plan.
  • 3. Advocate on your behalf to get you the tests and treatments that will benefit you most (and that you want to try)
    This includes advocating for you with:
    • Your standard care oncologist or doctor
    • Any testing or treatment facilities you choose to explore
    • Any pharmaceutical companies that can get you access to the drugs you want to try
    • Your insurance company, so you get as much of the cost covered as possible
    • Clinical trials that can help you access the right targeted therapies

When you hire CTOAM, you become part of our family. That means we will go to bat for you time and again so you get the treatment you need. And this level of commitment and expertise gets results: please read our success stories to see our advocacy work in action. We’ve helped cancer patients from around the world get better, while maintaining the highest quality of life possible – and we want to help you, too.

Register for a Precision Second Opinion to discover how we can help you to reduce stress and dramatically increase treatment success. Feel better, faster, with CTOAM’s precision oncology services.

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