Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment

Using the body's immune system to fight cancer

What Is Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment?

Pillar 3: Advanced and Targeted Treatment Options

Immunotherapy and High Success Rates

One of the most promising new life-saving advancements in cancer care is Immunotherapy, which is a way to use your body’s own immune system to eliminate your cancer. Sound too good to be true? Read on to find out how it works!

See how Immunotherapy has helped cancer patients like you:

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  2. Melanoma survivor Joan’s success story

How Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Work

The American Society of Clinical Oncology voted Immunotherapy as its top overall clinical advancement for both 2016 and 2017. So what, exactly, is it?

Immunotherapy uses the body's own immune system to treat cancer. The body's immune system uses a "series of checkpoints" to determine if cells are normal or a threat. Some forms of cancer bond with proteins similar to normal cells, which acts like a cloaking shield for the immune system. Immunotherapy medication inhibits the cancer cells from bonding with those proteins, effectively deactivating the cloaking shield, and allowing the body’s own immune system to kill the cancer cells. The American Cancer Society has declared that Immunotherapies "have already become an important part of the treatment for many cancers."

How Does Immunotherapy Save Lives?

As a type of targeted treatment, Immunotherapy allows the body’s own immune system to find the cells with mutated gene(s), which leads to higher survival rates with fewer and less severe side effects.

However, not all cancers use this "cloaking" mechanism for hiding from the immune system, so we give each of our clients a special blood test to find out right away if immunotherapy will work for them. This means patients only get the treatment that’s going to be most helpful to them and time is not wasted on treatments that are not right for the patient.

Living Longer and Becoming Cancer-Free with Immunotherapy

Many CTOAM patients have found success with Immunotherapy. For example, Joan reached out to CTOAM when she was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma. Her public oncologist told her there was nothing more they could do for her. But she and her husband had been researching on their own and knew better. So they called our cancer experts to help them access the right targeted treatments for her unique genetic mutations.

CTOAM helped Joan to become one of the first cancer patients in Canada to be treated with immunotherapy and Joan has now been completely cancer-free for several years now! See how immunotherapy and other targeted treatments have helped our other patients live longer, with a higher quality of life, and even become cancer-free in our Patient Success Stories.

Find out if Immunotherapy can work for you – talk to CTOAM’s cancer experts today!

CTOAM is Ahead of the Curve with Cancer Care

CTOAM is, and will always be, years ahead of standard care. Why? Because our cancer experts spend every day researching the latest advancements in cancer care. Our use of immunotherapy is a good example of this: we’ve been using immunotherapy with cancer patients for four years now – long before standard care started to use it.

Joan first received immunotherapy through CTOAM in 2014, back when it was virtually unheard of within the public medical system. At the time, CTOAM’s cancer experts were well aware of the large amount of data supporting immunotherapy for cancer treatment; we knew it was worth trying and that the results would likely be successful for patients like Joan. And we were right.

If you want to find out how targeted treatments, genetic testing, and the newest research can help you, get a No Risk Second Opinion from CTOAM today. Even if your doctor has said that there’s only one option, or even no option, for you, this is almost always not the case: there’s almost always something more that can be done for your cancer care than what standard care is offering you. And it’s only when you know what that is and how to get it that you can make the best decision for your care – and feel more confident and empowered about your health moving forward.

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Second opinions save lives. "Alex’s data changed my oncologist’s original recommendation." – Margaret, breast cancer

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