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Clinical trials are fundamental to developing successful treatments for life-threatening diseases, such as cancer. There are many beneficial treatment approaches being offered through clinical trials that show better survival rates than current standard cancer treatment protocol. Explore these resources for more information:

What Are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are one of the final stages that a treatment undergoes before it becomes available to the general public. In order for a treatment to reach the clinical trial stage, it has already been rigorously tested and found to be superior to standard care.

  • No placebos: For ethical reasons, there are no placebos used in clinical trials. Patients receiving standard care are used as the control group – so the minimum treatment a patient participating in a clinical trial would receive would be standard treatment(s).
  • Superior care: When you join a clinical trial, you will be benefitting from better imaging, genetic testing, surgical approaches, treatments, and advanced chemotherapy protocols.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Clinical Trials

Finding a Clinical Trial

  1. How do I get into a clinical trial for cancer?
    While you can search for clinical trials on your own, it’s quite time consuming to find one that you’re eligible for – not to mention apply for. The application process is a lot of work, and most doctors and oncologists don’t have time to apply for their patients unless it is a last resort.
    • Hire an advocate: CTOAM offers an advocacy service specifically for clinical trials. We look for clinical trials evaluating drugs that would be beneficial to your specific mutations – then we do everything possible to arrange a spot for you.
    • Get fast-tracked: Since we will have already performed many of the tests they’d need to do, clinical trials often prefer CTOAM clients. So you’re more likely to get fast-tracked when applying through us.
  2. How much do clinical trials for cancer cost?
    This depends largely on where the trial is being conducted.
    • Canadian clinical trials: In Canada, enrolment in clinical trials is free. However, Canadian clinical trials can be very difficult to access. There are many restrictions on eligibility, and many of the trials are blinded. This means you (and perhaps the researchers) will not know whether you are receiving standard treatment or targeted treatment.
    • American clinical trials: In the US, some trials are free (and might even pay for all expenses, including travel). And some just charge hospital costs, while others require you to pay the full cost of the drugs and the hospital stay (if needed). CTOAM’s care team will work to find the best option for you, with consideration of both your medical and financial needs.
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Pros of Clinical Trials

Get Peace of Mind with CTOAM

When you hire CTOAM as your clinical trial advocate, you benefit from our rigorous diagnostic approach, round-the-clock support, and expertise with clinical trials. After we identify the exact mutations driving your unique cancer, we’ll (only) recommend clinical trials that are testing treatments targeting those specific mutations – and that have already shown statistically better outcomes over standard treatment. Contact us today with any questions, or to learn more about how clinical trials can benefit you.

Peace of mind, minimal interruption of daily life, improved quality of life, and increased life-span are the natural outcomes of CTOAM’s innovative, personalized cancer research, treatment options, advocacy, and treatment monitoring. To access better tests and treatment immediately, register for a Precision Second Opinion.

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