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No Risk Second Opinion Guarantee

Our No Risk Second Opinion Guarantee ensures that we will find you at least one treatment option that is showing a positive benefit over that of the treatment you’re currently receiving (or which you have been prescribed) for cancer patients, with a similar type of cancer, in a similar stage of progression.

Taking the stress and uncertainty out of your cancer treatment, giving you confidence that you are in fact getting the best possible treatment for your cancer, that’s what CTOAM is here for.

The research team at CTOAM spend hours each day learning all they can about cancer: What causes it, how it can be treated and how it can be prevented from recurring or from ever occurring in the first place. Whatever it is, if it has to do with Cancer, our team is eager to know all about it so that we can be of maximum benefit to cancer patients and their doctors.

Our second opinion and treatment review services make it easier for you and your doctor to identify and access the very best treatment that medical science has to offer you, worldwide, at this time.

And our no risk guarantee means that if we don’t find anything that has peer-reviewed data showing it to be better than what you’re currently being offered, and as a result, you don’t feel that we provided you with sufficient benefit, you can ask to have your fee refunded and we’ll make it happen.*

When the first doctor’s opinion is the same or similar to the second doctor’s, your confidence will be increased. There is nothing lost by visiting one more doctor just to make sure that the first doctor’s opinion is correct. With serious illnesses that may require extended treatment, you should feel confident that you have chosen the most appropriate treatment for your particular situation. A valid opinion and appropriate course of treatment is your best option for returning to good health or grasping control of the chronic disease.

(*Pertains to CTOAM research services only. Does not apply to any fees for genetic testing or imaging that you might elect to have us arrange for you.)

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