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They say knowledge is power – and it’s true. One of the best ways to help lessen stress and confusion that comes with receiving a cancer diagnosis is to better understand the illness and what you can do about it. That’s why our website is filled with powerful resources that you and your loved ones can learn from. Here you can find articles and information on the many different aspects of precision oncology, as well as written testimonials from past clients, and references from respected oncologists.

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A big part of our mission at CTOAM is to help educate people on the benefits that precision oncology offers, so that more folks are able to take advantage of them. The more people who know about precision oncology, the more quickly it will become integrated into mainstream health care – and the more people will be able to access it.

So please explore our educational resources and FAQ to learn more about this innovative approach to cancer treatment. You can also see our supportive resources for your doctor and loved ones to help them better understand what precision oncology is all about.

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Do you have cancer-related questions? We’re happy to help! Our goal is to ensure you feel as peaceful as possible moving forward with your cancer treatment options.

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