Partner Highlight: Heal Mary

How we optimize patient success with Heal Mary's clinical trial platform

CTOAM Partner Highlight: Heal Mary

What is Heal Mary?

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Heal Mary is an online service that helps patients, advocates and caregivers to find and access the right clinical trial for them. This groundbreaking app is improving patient access to treatments and raising awareness of the incredible benefits that clinical trials can provide for cancer patients.

Heal Mary was founded by Cassandra Hui, whose personal story is inspiring. When Cassandra’s mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, Cassandra did everything she could to find help. But it wasn’t long before she was confronted with the giant gap between what standard care in Canada could offer her mother and what was actually available through clinical trials.

This fuelled Cassandra, out of her own need and frustration, to start an organization that could help connect cancer patients with the right clinical trial – easily, efficiently, and for free. She named the organization “Heal Mary”, after her beloved mother. (Happily, her mom went on to survive stage 4 cancer!)

How CTOAM works with Heal Mary

Cancer Treatment Options and Management (CTOAM) and Heal Mary share similar missions: we are both dedicated to educating patients about what is possible with the newest medical science and cancer treatments; and helping patients and caregivers to gain access to these treatments as fast as possible, with as little cost as possible.

CTOAM connects many of our patients with Heal Mary’s resources, especially if they are looking to pursue clinical trials on their own. If our team of experts has determined that a clinical trial will benefit a patient, using Heal Mary is a typical next step if the client would like to gain access to the trial on their own. It is fast and simple to complete the required applications and the Heal Mary team helps to expedite your approvals and support you through every step of the process.

Watch our Video Interview

Interview with Heal Mary’s Cassandra Hui and CTOAM’s Michelle Morand

CTOAM’s co-founder and Precision Cancer Medicine Advocate, Michelle Morand, talks with Heal Mary founder, Cassandra Hui. They discuss what motivated Cassandra to start Heal Mary, the challenges of being a cancer patient and a caregiver, and how clinical trials can save lives. And, of course, they share tips on how to find and access the right clinical trials for you!

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