Nutrition for Cancer Treatment

Foods and Supplements for Treatment and Prevention

Nutraceuticals and Cancer Treatment

What makes a nutraceutical diet different from other diets related to cancer treatment and prevention? A nutraceutical diet is based on two factors:

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  1. The information we have about you, your health, lifestyle habits, and the genes driving your cancer
  2. The most current, peer-reviewed scientific data regarding the foods and natural supplements that will be most beneficial for your unique genes and condition(s)

Based on this, Cancer Treatment Options and Management’s cancer experts create your personalized nutraceutical diet.

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Gene Targeting Diet for Cancer

Nutraceutical diets are excellent for all aspects of cancer: treatment, management, initial prevention, and prevention of recurrence.

  • Nutraceuticals for Cancer Therapy and Cancer Treatment
    This type of diet is highly beneficial to cancer treatment:
    • Many nutraceuticals have been proven to regulate specific oncogenes (i.e. cancer driving genes) and tumour suppressor genes (i.e. cancer preventing genes).
    • Your diet will include nutraceuticals specific to all possible gene combinations (found in your particular form of cancer). This will inhibit the over-expressed oncogenes unique to that form of cancer.
  • For Cancer Prevention and Prevention of Recurrence
    Nutraceutical diets are also very effective for both preventing cancer, in the first place, and preventing recurrence:
    • Nutraceuticals provide an inexpensive and non-toxic form of metronomic (i.e. daily) dosing for long term cancer management.
    • The simple addition of nutraceuticals to your diet will directly affect the ability of your cancer genes to trigger cancer development in your body. It will also help your tumour suppressor genes to function optimally.
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Nutraceutical Diets are NOT Naturopathic Diets

Nutraceutical diets are not the same as naturopathic diets – far from it. Compare the approach, above, to that of a naturopathic diet.

  • Naturopathic diets (which CTOAM does not endorse):
    These diets are not based on scientific facts. The standard naturopathic diet is no sugar, no gluten, and no dairy. Naturopathic diets are often:
    • Unrealistic: They demand a lot of changes to your diet, which is simply unrealistic for most people.
    • Emotionally triggering: Because naturopathic diets rely heavily on restriction, they can also be triggering for someone during a time of trauma (such as cancer).
    • Primed for failure: Since most cancer patients struggle to stick to naturopathic diets for long enough to experience any effect, they often lead to failure.
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How to Stick to a Diet Plan for Cancer Treatment

For your dietary changes to be sustainable, they need to make sense to you. To create lasting change, you need to:

  • Understand the reason behind the changes: You must have a clear understanding of why these changes are important to make. This is why it’s important to see scientific data that demonstrates these foods will absolutely benefit you.
  • Feel confident that you can do it: You must feel hopeful that you can follow the diet guidelines consistently enough to experience the benefits.

A nutraceutical diet works well for both of these parts: you know exactly why you’re making the changes; and the changes you’ll need to make will be as few as possible.

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