Partner Highlight: Norgen Biotek

How we optimize patient success with Norgen Biotek's innovative biotechnologies

CTOAM Partner Highlight: Norgen Biotek

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What is Norgen?

Norgen Biotek is a Canada-based company focusing on leading-edge biotechnology and the creation of products related to sample collection, preparation, and detection. Norgen also offers excellent research services for the scientific community.

How CTOAM works with Norgen Biotek

Cancer Treatment Options and Management (CTOAM) has partnered with Norgen for many years. It is thanks to this partnership that we are able to offer our highly innovative and effective blood-based testing for early cancer detection and for identifying the best possible treatment options for our patients.

Norgen Biotek provides the base materials for some of the blood-based diagnostic innovations that CTOAM’s sister company, Liquid Biopsy Labs, produces. For example, our lead cancer expert, Alex Rolland, has been using Norgen’s plasma/serum workflow for Liquid Biopsy Labs’ newest liquid biopsy (ctDNA) test.

Our science team at Cancer Treatment Options and Management (CTOAM) and Liquid Biopsy Labs appreciates the quality and thoroughness of Norgen Biotek’s scientific products and the comprehensive research that supports all of their work.

We share similar goals in using biotechnological innovations to help solve major problems in the world – such as the treatment of cancer. CTOAM and Liquid Biopsy Labs appreciate our partnership with Norgen Biotek and look forward to producing more exciting advancements together in the coming years.

Watch our Video Interview

MasterClass: Enhancing Precision Medicine with Liquid Biopsy

In this video interview led by Norgen’s Dr. M. Abdalla, CTOAM’s cancer expert, Alex Rolland, shares how liquid biopsy can be used to enhance Precision Cancer Medicine. Alex discusses the extensive work he’s been doing with Norgen’s plasma/serum workflow to create a liquid biopsy that can detect cancer in a patient far sooner than it could be identified with any other diagnostic tool.

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