Cancer Treatment Monitoring

With PET-CT Scan and Liquid Biopsy

What is Cancer Treatment Monitoring?

How to Ensure Ongoing Treatment Success

The quality of your treatment monitoring is extremely important – this part of the process can either increase the success of your treatment or harm it. Creating an optimal cancer treatment outcome requires:

  1. A fast and accurate initial diagnosis
  2. Correct targeted treatment(s) for your form of cancer
  3. Accurate, regular treatment monitoring
  4. Any necessary treatment changes to be made quickly and correctly
  5. That the patient’s emotional well-being is attended to throughout
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Keeping these five pieces in mind, successful treatment monitoring and support involves two fundamental components:

  1. Accurate testing and analysis
    For accurate treatment monitoring, it’s imperative to use the most advanced diagnostic tools and genetic tests available, and have a cancer expert analyze and interpret the results. This will determine whether your treatment is working properly. If it’s not, the information will enable any necessary changes to be made immediately and correctly. Learn more about the tests we recommend for treatment monitoring:
  2. Emotional support for patient and loved ones
    A successful cancer treatment outcome also depends on the cancer patient’s emotional well-being, as well as that of their support system. Going through cancer is challenging on many levels – emotionally, mentally, physically, and psychologically. Each one of these areas must be addressed and attended to, in order for any necessary lifestyle changes (such as stress reduction or diet improvements) to be lasting and effective. Your lifestyle can have a real impact on your genes, so it’s important to take self-care seriously. Learn more about how CTOAM can help you and your loved ones during this time:
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Get Better Cancer Treatment Support and Monitoring

If someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, please encourage them to contact CTOAM today. They deserve to know all of their options for accessing the most effective tests and treatments that medical science has to offer. This includes precise treatment monitoring, important emotional support services, and targeted therapy recommendations to ensure they’re receiving the correct treatment for their form of cancer.

Call or email now to schedule a free consultation with CTOAM’s Director of Scientific Research, Alex Rolland – and learn how you can start feeling better, faster.

"Alex gives me hope everytime I talk to him and that is priceless" – Damian, colon cancer survivor

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