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Cancer Treatment Timeline

With cancer, how accurate your diagnosis is and how fast you begin the correct treatment can make all the difference between life and death.

Within just over a week of contracting CTOAM, you and your doctor will receive information about what’s driving your cancer and what you can do about it. You might even be able to begin a targeted therapy, based on your personal genetics. Here is a general timeline of what you can expect from the moment you contract CTOAM as your precision oncology service.

DNA Strand

Within 10 days:

  • You’ll receive the results of an initial liquid biopsy (ctDNA, cfDNA).*
  • You’ll receive the results from an MMR/MSI test.*
  • If you choose, you can be seeing a different oncologist who can help you access advanced targeted therapies.
  • You might be able to begin a targeted treatment immediately, based on your personal genetics.
    • When compared to standard treatments, targeted treatments improve outcomes and survival rates.1,2
    • As the chief of medical oncology at Yale Cancer Center, Prof Roy Herbst, said at a recent ASCO conference, precision medicine is "about targeting treatment so that it’s more powerful, while reducing the toxicity, so there are fewer side-effects"
    • That same conference saw impressive statistics proving the efficacy of targeted therapies: "In trials using precision medicine, tumour shrinkage rates were 30.6% compared with only 4.9% in those that did not."

Within 3 weeks:

  • You’ll receive additional crucial data about your specific genes from a detailed genetic panel that looks at more than 300 possible mutations.*
    • These mutations are known to influence the development of cancer and are considered targetable.
    • In other words, there are specific treatments available that target those mutations directly.

Within 4-5 weeks:

  • You’ll receive a detailed, referenced report with our medical research findings, and an outline of targeted cancer treatment options recommended for you.
  • You’ll also receive additional treatment options that will be successful for your specific cancer.

*Please note that this timeline is based on the number of days results come back from the time the sample is shipped. If something is wrong with the client’s tumour sample, a delay of 1-2 weeks can occur while our team arranges for a new sample to be sent. This rarely happens (less than 5%).


How Long Does it Take to Treat Cancer?

We usually work with our clients for anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. From getting you access to tests, getting you an appointment with an oncologist (often within a week), to doing personalized research, providing treatment options, accessing said treatments, liaising with your oncologist, providing treatment monitoring, follow-up, and monitoring remission and long-term recovery.

As a private company, CTOAM operates much faster than the mainstream medical system. Within the time it typically takes you to get an appointment with your oncologist, CTOAM will have already gathered personal genetic information for you:

  • You will have a detailed list of evidence-based, FDA approved, treatment options.
  • You can take this critical information to your first appointment with your oncologist.
  • This will not only speed up the treatment process, but also ensure that you receive the correct treatment for your specific form of cancer.

We cannot emphasize it enough: time and accuracy are of utmost importance when treating cancer effectively. The sooner you seek the correct treatment for your form of cancer, the sooner you can get back to your normal life.

If you think you might have cancer, or have received a diagnosis of cancer, please contact us today to discover the fastest route to recovery. Our precision oncology specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions. Register for a Precision Second Opinion to discover how we can help you to reduce stress and dramatically increase treatment success.

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