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One of the biggest out-of-pocket costs that cancer patients sometimes face is travel expenses for treatment. Cancer patients will often need to travel back and forth to a specific cancer treatment center to access their treatment, see their oncologist, and have surgery. While the treatment itself might be funded by public health care, the travel expenses – including frequent costly flights – are not. Further, the standard treatment that you’re receiving might not be successful. Or, it might cause so many side effects that the patient’s quality of life becomes greatly diminished.

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Consequences of Travelling with Cancer

  • Emotional and psychological challenges: Time spent away from family, being uprooted from the familiar comforts of home, and enduring long car rides or flights creates unnecessary stress. Traveling for treatment also often requires a family member or caretaker to take time off work or rearrange their schedule.

We highly recommend that all cancer patients try to avoid the financial costs and emotional stresses of travel.

Better Alternative for Cancer Treatment

Our team works with your local oncologists, labs, and hospitals to access the best tests and treatments – and ensure that you do as little traveling for treatment as possible.

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