Benefits of Precision Oncology

Higher survival rates and reduced side effects


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Why Precision Cancer Medicine?

Many people go through cancer treatment, hoping for the best, unsure as to whether the treatment option they chose is actually going to work. You don’t need to do this. Precision oncology, or personalized cancer treatment, allows you to know for sure that your unique form of cancer is being targeted by your treatment.

We know from current medical science that each person has a unique form of cancer. And each person’s cancer is triggered by a unique set of gene mutations and lifestyle variables, both of which must be addressed in order for recovery to be successful and lasting.

Recent advancements in cancer treatment now allow us to do two key things:

  1. Identify the mutated genes that are driving your cancer to grow
  2. Make sure that your diet, lifestyle, and medical treatment directly targets these mutations

This allows you to:


Precision Oncology is Superior to Standard Treatment

In a thorough review of the current system for cancer treatment in Canada, the Canadian government itself clearly states that:

  • The current system is outdated
  • It lacks funding resources
  • It lacks education for staff and patients
  • Cancer patients should have the option to access enhanced (more current/effective) treatment options, either within the system or through a third party
  • The government should fund these treatments for you, if they aren’t going to provide them directly

So even the government recognizes its own shortcomings and wants you to seek better treatment than they’re able to offer now. It is so important that you explore treatment options beyond those available through standard cancer treatment.

The Facts Show That Precision Oncology Works

Science has conclusively shown that enhanced diagnostic options, such as those listed below, can be used together to create the most advanced and successful cancer treatment possible in this day and age.

Blue DNA Strand

CTOAM is here to provide you with immediate access to all of these life-saving options. You can think of us as your own personal cancer care assistant: we will handle every aspect of your cancer care, including speaking with your treatment team, getting you access to top -of -the -line tests, providing treatment options for targeted therapies, advocating on your behalf, ensuring you can access targeted therapies and other drugs, and monitoring your treatment and long-term recovery.

We take care of the planning, coordination, and communication so you can get back to your regular life, as soon as possible.

To learn more:

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  • Our services:
  • Read more about why personalized cancer treatment provides better treatment outcomes and how CTOAM can help you access cutting-edge tests and treatments, based on peer-reviewed science.
  • Data on precision oncology:
  • Discover why precision oncology is the most effective approach to cancer treatment today, by reading about significant studies on targeted therapies.
  • Benefits of nutraceutical diets:
  • Make sure your diet and self care are optimizing your cancer treatment and creating the most successful outcome possible.
  • Innovative clinical trials:
  • Learn why clinical trials can be so much more effective than standard cancer care. Read about the great results clients have, and discover common myths about these life-saving technologies and treatments.

If you or a loved one has received a diagnosis of cancer and want the best chance of success, please email or call us today – we’ll get back to you within one business day.


Join our FREE training for cancer patients and loved ones...

"New Cancer Treatments and How to Get Them"

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