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This package is for someone who may have a history of cancer in the family and wants to find out if they too might be a target for cancer, or for those who just want to make sure they are doing all they can, through evidence-based science, to prevent cancer from developing.

Many cancers are profoundly impacted by diet and lifestyle behaviours. For some cancers, prevention actions, such as a nutraceutical diet or targeted exercise program, have been shown to reduce the likelihood of cancer developing at all, by over 80%! That’s a lot of power you have over cancer when you know what to do! And we will make sure you’re on top of it.

The CTOAM Cancer Prevention Package includes:

  • Your Initial 1 hour Consultation, where you get to ask our research and support team all the questions you have about cancer;
  • Brief Medical History Review;
  • Coordination of Genetic Inheritance and Carrier Test;
  • Personalized Nutraceutical Diet and Exercise Program Creation;
  • Team Consultation and Development of your personalized research report;
  • Delivery Consultation, where we present you (and your care team, if you have one) with our overall findings:
    • If we found any inherited cancer contributing mutations;
    • What this information means to you;
    • What next steps you can take, if you do have any of these mutations, to do your best for prevention and monitoring;
    • Reviewing and Discussing your Nutraceutical diet and Exercise program;
    • Until everything makes good sense.
  • 1 Follow-up Consultation to ensure you’re clear on your next steps and to answer any additional questions that may have arisen as you’re exploring options and experimenting with your diet and exercise program.

How Long Does it Take?

The time from first consultation to report delivery will be 21 days or sooner.

Estimated Package Fee: $1,500.00 - $2,500.00 CAD plus applicable GST.

Please note: There is some variance in the price of this package, depending on price of the test at the time of ordering and the amount of consultation time your personal needs require.

To this personal package you can add any of our services and tests, as needed, including ongoing dietary, clinical research or counselling consultations at any time. Annual, peace of mind monitoring of any inherited mutations is provided at a fee of $300.00 - $500.00 per test (depending on which mutations we are testing for).

Want more information about any of these services? Contact us anytime.

All prices listed in CAD.

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Second opinions save lives. "Alex’s data changed my oncologist’s original recommendation." – Margaret, breast cancer

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