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How to Cope With Cancer

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is challenging, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. To give yourself the greatest chance of a successful recovery, it’s imperative to address these psychological aspects in addition to treating the physical disease.

  • Lack of Emotional Support in Standard Care
    In standard cancer care, the emotional-mental component is all too often unattended – and this can severely hinder the cancer patient’s recovery process, as well as their general quality of life both during and after treatment. Studies show that emotional support is lacking in standard treatment:
“Numerous cancer survivors and their caregivers report that cancer care providers did not understand their psychosocial needs, failed to recognize and adequately address depression and other symptoms of stress, were unaware of or did not refer them to available resources, and generally did not consider psychosocial support to be an integral part of quality cancer care.”

This failure to attend to the emotional needs of cancer patients is even more frustrating when you take into account that experts already know how to support patients in this way. It’s simply that standard care doesn’t have the resources (in neither time nor money) to put toward this area of cancer care.

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Personalized Emotional Support for Cancer Patients

Precision oncology provides a valuable solution: this integrated approach treats each patient as the unique individual they are – all the way from the initial diagnosis and targeted treatment recommendations through to treatment monitoring and post-treatment care. Each patient’s emotional and psychological well-being is carefully considered and attended to so that it supports the overall treatment.

A patient’s emotional state is just as unique as the genetic mutations that make up their unique form of cancer. That’s why our Cancer Care Research and Advocacy Specialists include a focus on your emotional well-being in your personalized cancer treatment options plan, in addition to tackling your physical illness. And why we offer in-depth emotional support services for both our clients and their loved ones:

  • Emotional Support for Cancer Patients: If you’ve received a cancer diagnosis, read more about the emotional challenges you can expect to deal with, why support is vital, and how to get it.
  • Emotional Support for Loved Ones: For family and friends of cancer patients, addressing emotional needs is also important. Read more on learning to be a caregiver, supporting your loved one, and staying grounded through the process.
  • Counselling for Cancer Patients and Loved Ones: Oftentimes, cancer patients and their loved ones also benefit from seeing a professional counsellor. This can help both individuals and families to work through challenges, especially during cancer treatment. Read more to learn why professional counselling might be a good fit you and/or your loved ones.

If you’ve received a cancer diagnosis and are feeling overwhelmed, reach out today to access resources and professional support during this difficult time. Our cancer care team is standing by to help you and your loved ones any way we can, including helping you access the newest genetic tests and most effective targeted treatments for your form of cancer.

Precision oncology: the future of cancer treatment, now.

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