Liquid Biopsies

For Cancer Treatment Monitoring

Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Treatment Monitoring

Knowing quickly if your treatment is working is fundamental to a successful recovery. A liquid biopsy (ctDNA, cfDNA) test shows us immediately – often within a week – how effective your treatment is.

In addition to identifying any mutations involved in your cancer, this blood test can be used both during your treatment, and after, to monitor whether your cancer is growing or shrinking. Liquid biopsies (ctDNA, cfDNA) show us how well your treatment is working through this process:

  • Initial test: Identifies all mutations found in your DNA in your first blood test
  • Follow-up tests: Identifies the amount of mutation(s) found in your DNA, after targeted treatment

Based on the amount of a specific mutation – compared to the non-mutated DNA – found in your blood, we can tell how well your treatment is working. This is because this innovative blood test provides us with instant, real-time information about all the tumours in your body, simultaneously.

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Blood Test for Cancer Treatment Monitoring

Let’s use an example to show why liquid biopsies (ctDNA, cfDNA) are so effective. Say we’re using a drug to target a known mutation that’s been shown to be driving your cancer. For this example, we’ll say it’s an EGFR mutation (a mutation common in non-small cell lung cancer).

  1. We’ll use the liquid biopsy test to monitor the amount of the EGFR mutated DNA that we find in your blood.
  2. If the amount of EGFR mutated DNA decreases during the course of treatment, then we’ll know the drug is working!
  3. If it doesn’t decrease, then we know that the treatment is unlikely to provide you with any benefit.
  4. In this case, we can quickly arrange for you to access a different treatment that will provide you with better results.
  5. This ensures that no time is wasted – we know that either your treatment is working, or we’re able to make any changes needed, immediately.

This liquid biopsy (ctDNA, cfDNA) test is incredibly accurate:

  • It can identify cancer-causing mutations in as little as 0.02% of your total DNA
  • It can tell you when a tumour is present in your body before it shows up on even the most advanced imaging tool (such as PET/CT)

How to Get a Liquid Biopsy

This blood test is cheaper, simpler, less invasive, and faster than other types of genetic tests (like comprehensive genetic panels) and imaging tools like a PET/CT scan, CT scan, or MRI. This makes it that much easier for you to continue monitoring your body for years after treatment – and ensure that you stay cancer-free.

Please reach out today if you think you might have cancer, or have received a diagnosis of cancer. CTOAM’s precision oncology specialists can help you access the most advanced tests and treatments to ensure you have the optimal treatment outcomes.

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