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How Much Does Targeted Cancer Therapy Cost?

When you decide to invest in precision oncology, there are two main aspects that are helpful to understand. These pertain to precision oncology in general, as well as CTOAM’s services, specifically.

1. Precision oncology is made up of different parts that work together
The precision oncology process involves multiple interconnected parts that work together to provide you with the optimal treatment outcome for your form of cancer.

  • Your unique situation will determine which parts of precision oncology will be most beneficial, and how best to use them.
    • These individual parts include: advanced diagnostic tools, genetic tests, expert analysis and personalized research, and targeted treatments.
  • In other words, a comprehensive genetic test on its own is ultimately not all that useful.
    • In order to benefit from the genetic test, you need a trained genetic researcher to analyze the results and use the analysis to conduct further personalized cancer research.

2. With CTOAM, it’s possible to get costs covered by insurance (after the fact)
Many cancer patients don’t even consider oncogenomics for themselves because they assume they can’t afford it. However, there are many options for affording our services.

  • The good news: It’s often possible for CTOAM to get clients’ tests and treatments covered through insurance or the mainstream health care system.
    • Many CTOAM clients (around two thirds) are able to get these innovative tests and treatments for free.
  • Timing is everything: In order to get financial coverage, you need evidence to show that you need these tests and treatments.
    • And for this you need a report that contains your genetic test results, expert analysis, and personalized medical research.
    • This report demonstrates that you do, in fact, need the recommended targeted therapies and tests.
    • So cancer patients must first invest financially to get the required genetic tests and analysis, in order to then benefit from insurance coverage.
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Is Targeted Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Targeted therapy is often (though, not always) covered by insurance, once you present CTOAM’s report that demonstrates you need it.

  • The majority of the time, the report provided by CTOAM enables your oncologist or doctor to appeal for compassionate access to targeted therapies, without challenge.
  • CTOAM’s care team is frequently successful with getting our clients compassionate access, approximately two thirds of the time.
  • And the future's looking even brighter: as more doctors and oncologists gain a deeper understanding of precision oncology, their support of targeted therapies only grows.

Are Genetic Tests and Personalized Research Covered by Insurance?

If you decide to hire CTOAM to provide you with precision oncology services, you will need to pay up front for personalized research and access to tests. However, many times we’re able to get this cost reimbursed, after CTOAM has prepared your report and advocated on your behalf.

  • 60% or more of the cost of CTOAM’s services can be used toward tax deductions (in Canada)
  • Many insurance companies (in both Canada and US) now cover most, if not all, of the testing fees, if you have critical illness insurance or an executive package.

If you’ve received a cancer diagnosis, there is no better investment you can make than in genetic testing, personalized research, and targeted cancer treatment. The verdict is in: targeted therapies offer longer survival rates with fewer and less severe side effects than standard cancer treatment.

Please email or call us today to ask any questions and learn more about how our Cancer Care Research and Advocacy Specialists can help you move forward with these life-saving tests and treatments. Your health and quality of life are worth it. Register for a Precision Second Opinion to discover how we can help you to reduce stress and dramatically increase treatment success.

Read our success stories to hear how past CTOAM clients have recovered from their cancer, as well as how their treatment was covered.


Join our FREE training for cancer patients and loved ones...

"New Cancer Treatments and How to Get Them"

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