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How We Help You

Your Personal Cancer Research Specialists

Our cancer research and patient advocacy experts are here to support you and your work. To do this, we partner with you every step of they way.

  • Testing and Treatment Recommendations
    You and your patient will receive:
    • Recommendations and facilitation of any necessary genetic testing and diagnostic imaging for your patient, analysis of the data, and personalized cancer research conducted by our cancer research and patient advocacy experts
    • A brief, fully-referenced, personalized research report with treatment recommendations, which allows you to quickly identify the best targeted treatments for your patient’s unique form of cancer
  • Treatment Advocacy, Monitoring, and Support
    You and your patient will receive:
    • Support in coordinating your patient’s access to the treatment you identify as most beneficial for them
    • Support in monitoring your patient’s treatment accurately
    • Further recommendations, including nutraceuticals, follow-up testing, and any necessary treatment changes

Benefits of Working with Us

Your Precision Oncology Company

  • Global network
    Our connections in personalized cancer medicine enable you faster access to superior cancer diagnostics and treatment for your patients.
  • Our Guarantee
    CTOAM’s partnerships with labs and facilities are based only on the patient’s best interest.
    • We do not receive any financial benefit when we recommend a facility, lab, or medical professional for you to work with.
    • All recommendations and data we give you is completely unbiased and based entirely on what is best for the patient.
    • Because of Canada’s strict privacy laws, your patient’s information is extremely safe and secure: it’s kept completely confidential, unless they instruct us otherwise.

Why Evidence-Based Data?

Personalized Oncogenomics

All of CTOAM’s test and treatment recommendations are based on scientific evidence from the latest peer-reviewed research that shows they provide better results than those offered by the standard treatment protocol (for that patient’s unique form of cancer).

  • Get a brief, personalized report with scientific references
    Every treatment option that we identify for your patient is supported by scientific references. The brief personalized research report that we give you includes:
    • The analysis and results of our genetic testing and personalized cancer research
    • References to the evidence-based clinical data supporting these recommendations
  • Make choices based on fast, accurate information
    As the treating physician, you can easily read over the data that backs up our treatment recommendations. This enables you to:
    • Quickly see the supporting evidence for the treatments that medical science has identified as the most beneficial for your patient
    • Decide on the best approach for your patient, after seeing the latest cancer research pertaining to your patient’s form of cancer

CTOAM’s Personalized Cancer Medicine Services for Medical Professionals

Explore these links to learn more about how you can benefit from our precision oncology services:

Do you want to stay on top of leading edge cancer research and treatment approaches? Contact us today to discover how you can provide your patients with superior cancer care compared to standard treatment options. Our care team is happy to answer any questions about precision oncology or working with us.

Be a leader in oncology: make personalized cancer medicine a reality for your patients, today.

Ensure your cancer patients are receiving the best treatment that medical science offers – as close to their home, and as close to free, as possible.

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Join our FREE training for cancer patients and loved ones...

"New Cancer Treatments and How to Get Them"

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