Targeted Therapies

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Implement Precision Oncology in Cancer Treatment Plans

Do you want to integrate oncogenomics into your clinical oncology practice? See how our cancer experts can help you and your patients access the most advanced tests and treatments that medical science has to offer.

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Personalized Cancer Medicine Treatment Services

Targeted Cancer Treatment Options

Explore our treatment services below to see how your patients can benefit from treatments that produce higher survival rates, with fewer and less severe side effects. Contact us anytime, if you have questions or would like to discuss a particular patient file.

  • Surgical Options
    There are many innovative, evidence-based surgical options available within North America, Europe, and abroad, that show superior results over standard modalities. One example is the Nico Myriad tool for brain surgery and tumour removal. To learn more about this and other innovative methods, speak with our precision oncology specialists. We can quickly connect you and your patient with FDA approved surgical options that will increase their chances at a successful recovery.
    • Get a consultation: Learn more about how precision surgery can benefit your patient, and how to access it.
  • Treatment Options
    New targeted therapies emerge every day that are proven to produce higher survival rates and improved quality of life in cancer patients compared to standard treatment. Find out if your patient can benefit from these advancements: immunotherapy, brachytherapy, nutraceuticals, and new drug combinations are just some of the options offered by personalized cancer medicine. Our precision oncology experts will perform the necessary personalized research and genetic testing to determine which options will be most effective for your patient’s unique form of cancer.
    • Get a consultation: Learn more about how targeted treatments can benefit your patient, and how to access them.
  • Clinical Trial Access
    CTOAM’s dedicated clinical trial coordinator will research clinical trial options for your patient. You will be provided with weekly updates on progress and with immediate contact upon patient acceptance into a trial. At your request, we will arrange your patient’s access to the clinical trial you’ve chosen and navigate the details of testing, travelling, and trial attendance. You will receive weekly updates on your patient’s progress with their clinical trial treatment, in addition to feedback regarding their progress from trial doctors.
    • Get a consultation: Learn more about how clinical trials can benefit your patient, and how to access them.
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Lead the Way in Cancer Treatment

Oncogenomics for Clinical Oncology

Make sure your patients’ cancer treatment recommendations have been demonstrated by peer-reviewed science to be most effective for their unique form of cancer – contact CTOAM today to access the best diagnostic tests and treatments that medical science has to offer.

Precision Oncology: The Future of Cancer Treatment, Now.

Learn how to integrate precision oncology into your clinical oncology practice! Talk with a Precision Oncology Specialist today.

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