Precision Oncology Resources for Doctors

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Precision Oncology Education for Doctors

Many doctors and oncologists working within the standard health care system are unaware of precision oncology’s many benefits for cancer patients. Even though personalized cancer medicine has been around for while, standard health care has simply not yet caught up.

It’s crucial that medical professionals develop a greater understanding and appreciation for precision oncology so they can better serve their cancer patients. CTOAM is here to support all medical professionals in not only learning about precision oncology but also implementing this advanced approach with their patients. Talk to cancer research and patient advocacy expert Alex Rolland, Director of Scientific Research, today to learn more.

We partner with experts and labs around the world to bring the most advanced cancer research to oncologists and doctors working on the front lines.

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CTOAM’s Educational Services for Doctors

CTOAM is committed to educating as many people as possible on the most current and effective cancer treatments and diagnostics. We are especially interested in educating:

  • Cancer patients
  • Medical and research professionals
  • Health care practitioners

We want you to be as informed as possible, so you can help your patients make the best possible choices regarding cancer treatment.

If you would like to educate your organization or colleagues about the prevention of cancer, its causes, and most effective current treatments, contact CTOAM today. We welcome the opportunity to speak with your group.

  • Educational Services
    In addition to consulting with you personally, we also offer a variety of educational services for medical professionals and their organizations.
    • Workshops
    • Speaking engagements
    • Community outreach events
    • Consulting
    • Presentations
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Better Oncology Education For Your Doctor

CTOAM’s precision oncology specialists work with oncologists to help them provide their cancer patients with the most advanced tests and treatments that medical science has to offer. If you are a medical professional who’d like to learn more about precision oncology in general, or working with CTOAM, please contact us today.

The more oncologists and cancer patients demand these lifesaving services, the sooner it will become integrated into standard health care – and accessible to everyone.

Precision Oncology: The Future of Cancer Treatment, Now

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Discover how you can get better cancer treatment! Get your questions answered now

Book a free 30-min Cancer Care Strategy Session

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