Problems with Standard Care

A lack of patient support from doctors


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Problems with Patient Support and Attention in Standard Cancer Care

When it comes to patient care, there are a few ways in which standard care comes up short. Some of these include:

  • Lack of frequent contact
    It’s often impossible for cancer patients to stay in frequent contact with their regular oncologist, whether via email, phone, or Skype. Because they’re working within the time and budget constraints of the mainstream medical system, most oncologists are only able to spend time with their patients during an official appointment or send the odd follow-up email.
  • Lack of information
    With a limited amount of time to find out critical information about next steps, patients can feel confused about their options – with no obvious place to turn for answers. This leaves them without a proper understanding of the big picture regarding their cancer care, and without an expert to talk to.
  • Lack of options
    Further, standard care oncologists will likely only give you information about the tests and treatments that they’re able to facilitate for you. This leaves you in the dark about valuable advancements in cancer treatment that could very well save your life.

When combined, this insufficient support and knowledge can cause cancer patients unnecessary stress, anxiety, fear, and to feel overwhelmed. Plus, they’re still left unaware of more advanced options available that are likely to be more effective than standard treatment.

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Personal Assistant for Cancer Care

There is another way, a better way – the CTOAM way

People who’ve previously had bad experiences with standard cancer care will likely agree with the points above. Yet there are others who might feel their local cancer agency was wonderful. For example, we’ve had patients tell us they were thrilled at having surgery within 6 weeks of diagnosis, thinking that was quite speedy. Meanwhile, in the precision oncology world, it would’ve happened much faster. And had the correct targeted therapies been given immediately, the surgery may not have been required at all.

This is to say – our point of comparison influences how we perceive the quality of our health care. So we must remember to ask ourselves: what if there were another way of doing things? And what if that way were faster, more effective, and better for your body than standard cancer care?

  • Personal Care Assistant
    That other way does exist, and it’s called precision oncology. And within precision oncology, there is the CTOAM way of caring for cancer patients – an approach that involves constant contact, ongoing reassurance, scheduling appointments, communicating with doctors and labs, advocating with insurance companies, and complete transparency about all the information regarding your best treatment options.

Do you want access to the most advanced tests and treatments available for your form of cancer? And have everything facilitated for you by experts? Contact CTOAM today to book your free consultation with Director of Scientific Research, with member of our Medical Services Team.

You can also access our counselling services to discuss how we can help support you emotionally.

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Join our FREE training for cancer patients and loved ones...

"Gliomas and Brain Tumors: New Treatments and How to Get Them"

Saturday May 21st at 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT

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